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Kelliher Students of the month

Trevor Poxleitner1 / 3
Steven Mayers2 / 3
Braxton Lempart3 / 3

Seventh grader Trevor Poxleitner was chosen as February Middle Level Student of the Month.

He is very helpful in the classroom and is usually one of the last to leave because he is helping clean up. He has a great attitude and can work with a variety of people.

Ninth grader Steven Mayers was chosen High School Student of the Month.

He is always cheerful, enthusiastic and does his work without complaint. Steven is always quick to assist his peers and lend a helping hand.

Second grader Braxton Lempart was chosen as Elementary Student of the Month.

Lempart is such a kind well behaved student. He tums his homework in every week. Braxton always get his work done and gives 100 percent. He is also the first to volunteer when ask edif anyone can help in our classroom.

He is an all around great student that displays all the important qualities of Mustang price.