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Gerner's quilt donated to library

The late Elsie Gerner was a great seamstress and one of the things she loved to do was quilting. A few years ago, she thought that doing a whole quilt would be too much for her anymore, and she was going to give up quilting. Then she worked on a kit quilt with a friend and thought she would like to do those, as a lot of the work was already done on it.

So, in honor of for Gerner's birthday, a group of her friends got together and gave her a gift certificate for a quilt kit. Sadly, she was not able to do the quilt and passed away just a few months later.

Her friends have finished the quilt, and given it to the library in her honor, in order to raise funds for the library. Tickets for this quilt are available from Gerner's friends and at the library. The drawing will be held Nov. 20, Gerner's birthday.

The Library Board and staff are delighted to receive this gift as Gerner was a favorite patron, and is missed by many. The money raised will go for new materials.