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B-CL-B Wrestling Update

Like gladiators of old, the most talented and hard working wrestlers in the state gather in the cities every March prepared to battle for the honor of being named state champion. This year, B-CL-B's senior captains Crag Brodeur and Al Goodwin joined the fray, ready to test their medal against the state's best.

At 195 lbs., Brouder's first opponent was Jackson County senior Pat Hanson (record 30-11). Though the score was close, Brouder controlled the entire match, earning a trip to the quarterfinals with a 9-6 victory. The quarterfinals proved considerably more difficult as Broudeur lost to the eventual state runner up. Broudeur then lost in wrestle backs ending his season.

Goodwin, who wrestled the season at 220 lbs found himself competing against the state's best and biggest heavyweights at 287 lbs. In his first bout, Goodwin was ahead 3-2 in the final period, but when you are giving up 60 lbs. to your opponent, you have a very narrow margin of error.

After throwing his opponent in the first period, Goodwin believed he could do so again, but this time his foe was ready. After gamely fighting off his back and gaining an escape, Goodwin had one more desperate chance as time ran out, but it was not to be.

In wrestle backs, Goodwin once again faced an opponent who weighed the full 287. The brawn was too much to handle and Goodwin's season came to an end.

Every wrestler with a champion's heart beating inside them has the goal to be tested against the very best and Goodwin and Brodeur are no exception.

Neither was disappointed. In the past two weeks, Brodeur faced opponents that ended up second and third in state, while Goodwin's opponents finished second, fourth and sixth. While the young men may not have brought home the hardware, they proved themselves capable of taking on the very best our state has to offer.

In the end, the legacy of these two senior wrestlers will extend far beyond their state tournament participation. Both have demonstrated great leadership and are truly loved by the B-CL-B wrestling family.

On paper, the Bears should continue to improve over the next few years, but in a sport where leadership is so very important, the loss of these two individuals will translate into far more than wins. As is always the case, its time for others to follow their example and step up. They are big shoes to fill.