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Blackduck Garden Club News

Fifteen members and one guest, Becky Shereck, attended the Feb. 16 meeting which was held at Lisa Carter's home. Hostesses for the event were LaVerne Smith and Judy Gorman. The Garden Club Prayer preceded a supper of chili, a delicious dark cornbread and a strawberry cream cheese dessert.

The meeting was called to order by President Mary Lea Anderson and was quickly out of order so that Nita Brown could present her "Calling Tree" project. Nita did an excellent job explaining how the calling tree works, then rushed off to another engagement.

The Calling Tree is used whenever a garden club member is hospitalized or laid up with an ailment (or broken wrist, like Donna Hendrickson) or has a death in the family. A Prayer Chain may be suggested also.

The Calling Tree is a communication network to ensure that all members are up to date and can assist others as need be. Nita, well prepared, distributed "Calling Tree" information sheets.

Back to order, Mary Lea called for the Secretary minutes that were prepared by Jackie Barclay in January. Our beloved Secretary, Nancy Greuel, was more than generous with her thanks to Jackie, whereby Jackie, in jest, made an appropriate reply.

The treasurer's report was presented by LaVerne Smith without additional fanfare. Mary Lea reviewed correspondence that was received the past month.

The roll call question for February was, "What is your favorite color and is it in your garden?" It was responded to with a variety of answers, mostly the color "green -- weeds aren't so noticeable!" The Hostess gift, a Mint Frost Soy candle, was won by Donna Hendrickson, after which a bit of business was conducted.

A motion was made and carried that our club donate a sum to the Little League Baseball Club for upgrading their field by the Catholic Church. "Spring Fever," a gardening workshop featuring Donald G. Engebretson, The Renegade Gardener, was reviewed, however, the information was received too late for any of us to attend.

Our club lost several members in 2011 so we discussed having a memorial of some sort to honor them. Ideas will be discussed again next month. The January Mystery Gift was won by, need you ask? -- Glennis Moon.

Suggestion offered, "Put two copper pennies in bird baths to keep them clean!"

The program, "Classy, Sassy Grasses" involved each member telling about ornamental grasses they have in their gardens now, or what type they like, or would plant in the future.

Comments included: "I'm planting grasses grown outside of zone 3 as annuals just because I like them," a warning, "if you plant ribbon grass, plant it in buckets to avoid root overrun and spreading," Pappas Grass and Purple Fountain Grass were popular, "Try landscaping grasses in pots and even growing them inside," "Bamboo is pretty, but seems a bit tropical for this area." "Elijah Blue is a type of Festuca that has a bluish-aqua color. Nice accent."

It will be fun to see what type ornamental grasses we grow in our gardens this year.

The Mystery Gift, an interesting two color, leafed, live plant, common name "White Butterfly" was donated by Glennis this month and won by Mary Lea Anderson.

The meeting was adjourned.