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Hockey Day is coming to Bemidji; 13th annual event set for winter 2019

R2AC Grant Received by North Beltrami Heritage Center

NBHC members Arne Mostad-Jensen, Diane Mostad and Eva Stengel receive the Region 2 Arts Council Grant for the Heritage Sculpture Garden in Kelliher.

The North Beltrami Heritage Center will use farm implements from past generations as the backdrop for the newly funded Heritage Sculpture Garden. They received a grant from the Region 2 Arts Council with which to create a Heritage Sculpture Garden using local metal materials and indigenous native and heritage plants.

Well-known area metal sculptor, Al Bellevue and an area garden designer will work with school and community members in creating the Kelliher Heritage Sculpture Garden beginning in April.

This project is made possible in part to the on-going support of the City of Kelliher, which owns the WPA Auditorium and the property on which the Heritage Sculpture Garden will be located.

n addition, Kelliher School will donate the space and staff and student involvement with community members to create the sculptures. Sculptor Al Belleveau will provide various kinds of welding equipment.

The location of the Heritage Sculpture Garden, north and east of the Kelliher Auditorium, will allow easy access for the community as well as out of area travelers. This project is intended to connect people to the heritage of the area through garden sculptures created from donated metal remnants from area farms and logging ventures and through the use of indigenous native plants and garden materials handed down through the generations.