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Hockey Day is coming to Bemidji; 13th annual event set for winter 2019

Blackduck Senior Center News

The Blackduck Senior Center held its annual meeting Jan. 10 with 15 members present. Rich Ferdig called the meeting to order at 2 p.m. and called for the last quarterly meeting minutes to be read by Secretary Leona Ferdig. After clarifying a couple of points, the minutes were approved.

Carol Hannigan followed with the treasurer's report. Both income and expense were down a bit from last year. Eva Fischer stated that only 63 members have paid their 2012 dues so far this year. Members and potential members may pay dues to any hostess serving coffee, rather than waiting for Eva to collect them at events, etc. 2012 dues ($5) should be paid ASAP!

Leona reported that our regular activities are doing well, i.e., cards on Mondays, Bingo on Tuesdays, Whist on Wednesdays, Scrabble on Thursdays and crafting on Friday afternoons.

Eleven members journeyed to Grand Rapids last April to attend The Church Basement Ladies play at the Reif Theatre and another group visited the Wood Tick Theatre in July.

Please share your thoughts and ideas with us regarding other activities you think would be fun.

Game Night as an example, is a new event that is up and running on the first Sunday evening of each month from 6:30 p.m.-whenever. Scrabble, Dominoes, Whist, Canasta, 500 and Royal Rummy (Tripoli) and Cribbage are just some of the games that are played. So far attendance has been excellent -- 30 or more participants! Snacks, coffee and cider are available each time. The next game night will be Feb. 12 due to a scheduling conflict.

Bev Gibson expressed her thanks to all that participate in crafting items for the gift shop. Several members do a lot of crafting tasks at home which is greatly appreciated. Fifty-four dish towels were sold at the Holiday Craft show at the Blackduck School last November! Everyone is invited to visit the gift shop.

Fundraising: Specialty meals like the omelet brunch and the Lady Slipper luncheon did well, however, the Thursday night pancake suppers have been waning, so the Jan. 19 pancake supper is canceled. Let us know your feelings about this event and again, offer suggestions.

The last item on the agenda was the nominations and election for the 2012 Board of Directors. The newly-elected board members and their positions are:

Rich Ferdig, president and Rental and Maintenance committee

Bev Gibson, vice-president and Crafts committee

Leona Ferdig, secretary, Rentals and Activities committee

Val Thielman, treasurer, Decorating and Crafts committee

Eva Fischer, membership, along with all other members and Crafts committee

Patrick Scholz, Fundraising events and Maintenance committee

Dick Fischer, maintenance, along with Rich Ferdig and Patrick Scholz

Open Director position -

Glennis Moon, public relations (news, bulletin board updates) and Activities committee

LaVonne Peterson (non- board member) will continue to recruit callers and oversee coffee scheduling and deliver/post event flyers. Thank you, LaVonne!

A great big thanks also to those members who retired from, or resigned their positions on the board this past year. Your service was very much appreciated!

The meeting was adjourned. Cake and ice cream was served and Happy Birthday was sung to the January, February and March birthday people.