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Weekend stabbing leads to second-degree murder charge against Longville, Minn., man

A 23-year-old Longville, Minn., man faces second-degree intentional murder after a Walker man died from stab wounds this past weekend.

Frank Jessie LaRose appeared Tuesday on the charge in Cass County District Court, where a judge set bail at $500,000 with conditions.

A criminal complaint filed in the case accuses LaRose of stabbing James Raymond Elmberg, 31, during a party at Larose's home. Elmberg was taken by ambulance to the Crosby Hospital, where he died.

Several people attended a party at LaRose's home late Saturday or early Sunday, according to a news release issued by Cass County Attorney Christopher Strandlie.

The release states:

"Throughout the course of the evening, LaRose became agitated and paranoid. People at the party attempted to calm him down at various times. Eventually, LaRose and the victim began arguing.

"A witness indicated that she observed LaRose approach the victim as if to give him a hug but actually he stabbed him in the chest. Another witness indicated she observed LaRose with two knives walking across the room toward the victim. LaRose disappeared from her view and she immediately heard the victim start screaming."

The criminal complaint states LaRose then fled the home by receiving a ride from someone outside who wasn't aware of the stabbing. People inside the home reported the stabbing and attempted to give medical attention to Elmberg, who was bleeding profusely.

Longville Ambulance crews arrived at the home and took Elmberg to the hospital.

The criminal complaint said sheriff's deputies checked the area where LaRose exited the vehicle. Upon arriving at a residence, the occupant said a man knocked on his door and reported being cold. Inside the home, a sheriff's deputy found LaRose wrapped in a blanket and talking on the telephone.

Court papers also state deputies found two knives, including one appearing to have blood on its blade, in the kitchen sink.

If convicted, second-degree intentional murder carries a maximum of 40 years in prison. LaRose's next court appearance is scheduled for Feb. 13.