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Sanford buys Clearwater Health to complete Bagley merger

Sanford Health will purchase Clearwater Health Services and take over operations Feb. 1, a news release today announced.

Sanford Health said the Clearwater County Board signed an agreement today in Bagley.

"This is a time of great change in health care, but also a time of great opportunity," Paul Hanson, president for Sanford Health of Northern Minnesota, said in the release. "It is often what brings us to together, that sets us apart. Both Clearwater Health Services and Sanford have long legacies of providing care in northern Minnesota.

"Together we can much more efficiently assess the healthcare delivery system in our region."

Once the agreement is approved by Sanford's Board of Trustees, Clearwater Health Services will become known as Sanford Bagley.

The new Sanford Bagley includes Sanford Bagley Medical Center in Bagley, with the attached Sanford Bagley Clinic, the Sanford Bagley Ambulance Service; and the Sanford Bagley Clearbrook Clinic in Clearbrook.

Sanford Bagley will have a total of 7 physicians and advanced practice providers and over 80 staff. Over the next few months a local advisory board will also be forming.

"Sanford's philosophy is to provide access to quality healthcare for patients, close to home," John Nelson, Clearwater County board chair, said in the release. "This partnership with Sanford will supply us with expertise needed and provide a stable environment for patients and staff in our communities."

Bagley, population 1,235, is located 28 miles west of Bemidji.