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Prime Time: Looking for willing hearts, abled bodies

With the mild temps and sunny days we've had over the past few months, it may be hard to believe that Christmas has come and gone already. However, spring is still a long ways off - January and February may be a rude awakening for us all!

These cold winter months can take a toll on even the youngest, most daring and energetic individuals. The roads are slick and uncertain, the winds are ruthless and the temps are unforgiving. Just imagine the feelings of anxiety and desperation of someone who is unable to safely commute around town due to fragile health conditions or simply lack of transportation? How do they buy food, attend medical appointments or get to the bank if they are unable to drive during this season?

Northwoods Caregivers is dedicated to providing volunteer and other caregiving services to seniors and others with special needs during these trying winter months and throughout the year. However, due to the growing number of care receivers in this program, and the minimal number of volunteers, Northwoods Caregivers is looking for more willing hearts to provide greatly needed services such as transportation, grocery shopping assistance and minor chore services.

Northwoods Caregivers offers volunteer training, liability insurance, recognition and mileage reimbursement for all volunteers. If you would like to be a light in our community during these dreary months and provide services to those who need your help, please contact Northwoods Caregivers and become a volunteer today.

For more information, call 333-8264 or visit our website at