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Northome City Council approves tax levy

The Northome City Council met for its regular meeting Dec. 7 with all but one councilmen present.

Present were Mayor Larry Salmonson and Councilors Bill Eitenmiller, Jerry Struss and Jack White. Absent was Mickey Guderian.

Staff present included City Clerk White and liquor store manager Angel Stradtmann.

Others present were Leroy Thurlby and Rick Dreher.

As there was nobody present for the open forum, the council voted to approve the agenda as well as the minutes of the Nov. 2 regular meeting.

Mayor Salmonson reported on a meeting with the Senate Bonding Committee and also a meeting with S.E.H. and MnDOT to discuss a cooperative agreement on the Hwy. 1 resurface project.

Dreher came before the council and recommended paying MCOA airport membership dues in the amount of $50.

After approving the recommendation, there was discussion on lighting and repair issues.

The Airport Commission was directed to get two quotes on brush removal. Snowplowing options were also discussed.

It was decided that a letter from the council be drafted to the Koochiching County Board requesting assistance with airport snowplowing and also to clarify maintenance responsibilities of county state aid roads within the city.

It was agreed that the Airport Commission would also send a letter to the county board regarding airport snowplowing. Discussion on the mower rental agreement then ensued.

Stradtmann presented an updated quote for awnings. No action was taken. She also presented a quote she had received from TRS on a POS system. Stradtmann was directed to also get a quote from North Country Business Products if they had a POS system designed for liquor stores.

Winter hours for the liquor store were discussed and it was decided to set opening times the same as last winter. Stradtmann was directed to lay off the custodian after the end of the year for the winter months.

Signage on the snowmobile trail was discussed and it was decided to have some directional signs placed along the trail.

It was noted that the water damage repair has been completed in the library.

Following some discussion, the council voted to adopt the 2012 budget as presented.

They also voted to approve Resolution 2011-14 Final Levy with the General Levy set at $48,225.00.

Resolution No. 2011-14

City of Northome

A Resolution Approving 2011 Tax Levy, Collectible in 2012

Be it resolved by the council of the City of Northome, County of Koochiching, Minnesota, that the following sum of money be adopted as the 2011 Levy, collectible in 2012, upon taxable property in the City of Northome, for the following purposes:

General Fund Levy $48,225.00

The City Clerk is hereby instructed to transmit a certified copy of this resolution to the County Auditor of Koochiching County, Minnesota.

Adopted by the Northome City Council on Dec. 7, 2011.

The November financial reports were discussed before they were approved as were the November disbursements totaling $42.490.89. Council also voted to approve the current claims presented totaling $40,348.50.

City Clerk White asked to have procedures clarified when entities request the city to receive grants on their behalf. Following some discussion, the clerk was directed to seek the advice of the city attorney before proceeding.