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Houck wins award at career fair

On Oct. 7, students and staff from Blackduck High School attended a career fair at Northwest Technical College. All juniors, sophomores and a few seniors spent the morning touring the school. Students participated in hands on experiments located in the various departments.

One of these activities involved racing a solar-paneled car. Students placed a flashlight over the car's solar panel. The flashlight needed to be held a certain way to control the car's speed. Names of students participating and their times were recorded to determine the winner. Blackduck sophomore, Carissa Houck had the overall best time and won a sweatshirt. This activity was sponsored by the Building Trade Department.

According to Houck, the time spent at the technical school was enjoyable and informative. She was surprised to find out that she won a sweatshirt and said that it is a really nice one. Way to go Carissa!