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High school and elementary students outdoors during the wave. High school junior, Tyler Dobmeier, running the circle, encouraging everyone to get involved in the wave.

This was the name of the Blackduck bully prevention program that ran in Blackduck High School and elementary school throughout the month of November. There were theme days and bullying statistics on the daily announcements and posters done by the Graphic Arts class about bullying facts, stepping in and standing up, having the courage to stop a bully and more.

The high school received a Blandin grant that paid for anti-bullying t-shirts for grades 7-12 and staff and you can see them around school every Wednesday as a reminder that the school goal is to stand up to bullying behaviors and wipe them out.

The school motto for the anti-bullying campaign is: ENCOURAGE (dignity) EMPOWER (determination) EMBRACE (diversity) and BE A DRAKE!

Many lessons were provided in the classrooms and in large group assemblies throughout the month and the events culminated in Unity Day Nov. 30 when nearly everyone in school wore orange and the entire school staff and students, grades K-12 joined hands in the blocks in front of the school and did the world's largest anti-bully wave. High school and elementary students, as well as adults joined hands in a pledge against bullying.