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Sex offenders face charges after disturbance at Moose Lake

Three patients from the Minnesota Sex Offender Program in Moose Lake face felony charges in connection with a disturbance that resulted in over $10,000 worth of damage to the facility. The men are accused of disrupting the facility's operations for an hour on Nov. 30 as they broke objects and could not be brought under control.

Appearing in Carlton County Court on Wednesday were Sarprio B.B. Doranti, 50, and Lloyd Robert Desjarlais, 24. The third defendant, Christopher Anthony Eckman, 35, has been returned to the facility, where all three have been civilly committed. Each man faces charges of first-degree criminal damage to property and second-degree riot.

Moose Lake police were called to a disturbance at the MSOP at 3:10 p.m. Nov. 30, according to a criminal complaint filed in the case. Officers said they found that three men, later identified as Desjarlais, Doranti and Eckman, were out of control and were damaging furniture and windows in the unit.

Staff members told Moose Lake officers that Desjarlais had become disruptive and was refusing to return to his room, when he began to break furniture and was using pieces of the furniture to break other objects. They said he let Doranti and Eckman out of their locked-down rooms and they joined him in causing extensive damage.

Despite staff efforts to calm the three men down, the men continued to be disruptive and broke things for over an hour, the complaint said. Guards said the entire facility was disrupted and on hold for an extended period of time.

Eventually all three were taken into custody and taken to the Law Enforcement Center in Carlton, where they were booked on felony charges of criminal damage to property as well as inciting a riot.

In an initial appearance on Wednesday, Doranti was represented by defense attorney Terri Port Wright. Port Wright informed Judge Robert Macaulay that Doranti, who was being held at the Carlton County Jail, asked to have bail eliminated so he could be transferred back to the MSOP to receive treatment for anti-social personality disorder. She said Doranti claims the MSOP doesn't want him to return and he feels that, by being held at the jail, he is being punished based on his diagnosis.

County Attorney Thom Pertler objected to dropping Doranti's bail requirement, or any premature return to the MSOP facility, stating that Doranti is in jail for his behavior, not for his mental health issues. He argued that there is no justification for eliminating Doranti's bail at this time and requested the $40,000 bail amount be continued by the judge for public safety reasons.

Macaulay denied Doranti's request, and as bailiffs began to escort Doranti out of the courtroom, he shouted profanities, threatening to commit suicide while in jail and cursing at the judge. Macaulay asked the bailiffs to return Doranti to the front of the courtroom, where he charged him with direct contempt of court and ordered him to serve 90 additional days in jail.

On behalf of co-defendant Desjarlais, Port Wright requested a contested omnibus hearing based on challenges to probable cause. She also stated that Desjarlais has asked that his bail be eliminated so he can go back to treatment with his psychologist at the MSOP, saying he currently is not receiving any treatment while in jail. Port Wright further pointed out that Desjarlais has been awaiting results of a psychological evaluation for the past year, saying she cannot work on his defense without that information.

Judge Macaulay denied Desjarlais' request for bail reduction and a return to the MSOP, but he voiced concern about the length of time it has taken to produce his mental health evaluation. He asked Pertler to impress upon those concerned that such information needs to be produced within a "critical length of time" to help resolve the case.

In an earlier bail hearing, the judge agreed to allow Eckman to return to the MSOP because he had stopped eating and drinking while at the jail.