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Why are these male staff members wearing dresses?

Going out in style for the cause are Derrick Gross (with his favorite accessory), Joe Furuseth, Jim Schneider, Matt Hanson, Kurt Krueger, Paul van der Hagen, Tom Pink and Dr. Jerry Struss.

Every year the student council hosts a Thanksgiving food drive in order to help community members on that special holiday.

Each year we like to shoot for a certain amount of food. Each food item was worth a given amount of points.

After selecting a school-wide goal of 1500 points (which is the equivalent of about 20 meals) student council thought that it would be a nice reward to see our agreeing male staff members put on a fashion show.

After two weeks of collecting food, we made our goal with a total of 1564 points and with our teachers being as loyal as they are, this was what we saw first period Dec. 2.