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Sarah Waldo receives nomination

Sarah Waldo

Sarah Waldo, the physical educations teacher at the Kelliher School for grades PK-12 has been nominated for the 2012 Breaking Barriers Award by Kelliher Athletic Director Dan Alto.

"When I became aware of this award, I was honored to nominate Sarah Waldo, because Sarah is an outstanding professional at our school, but more importantly is a quality person that I have a great deal of respect for and is someone that will always do what's best for the students she works with," he said.

Waldo graduated from Northome High School in 1996 as a honor student and lettered four years in volleyball, basketball and track. She attended BSU to earn her teaching degree in physical education.

While at BSU, she was active in intramural activities and helped the communities of Northome and Kelliher with their summer community education programs.

After graduating, Waldo immediately took her first teaching job at Pillager High School, where she taught from 2001-2004. While there, she was an assistant volleyball coach, head girls basketball coach and assistant track coach. She left Pillager to return home to Kelliher in the summer of 2004.

Waldo and her husband, Scott, became active in the family business of running West Wind Resort on Upper Red Lake. They are the parents of two young boys.

"In the summer of 2007, I was excited to have the opportunity to hire Sarah as our physical education teacher in Kelliher," said Alto.

While raising her young family and teaching physical education full time K-12 in Kelliher, she also is an assistant volleyball coach, officiates basketball and is an assistant track coach.

"Sarah is always willing to help out the school with whatever is needed," said Alto. "In addition to all the work and time Sarah puts in as a coach at our school, I believe her greatest accomplishment come in the classroom, where her students adore her.

"She has been instrumental in our school in turning around our physical education and health programs. She has implemented as a teacher a physical education and health curriculum k-12 that focuses on life long healthy habits surrounding food and being active! She has got the whole school to buy into striving everyday to be as healthy as they can," he said.

Waldo has even started a program for girls 7-12 in theschool to come in at 7 a.m. three days a week to workout with her. She always has a smile on her face and has a tremendous work ethic everyday she comes to school, even on days she gets home the night before from a game at 12:30 a.m.

"Sarah is not only a teacher and coach, but is a role model for all the girls in our school," said Alto. "Her dedication, commitment and work ethic are second to none. She is a great example of how a young professional woman can have a full-time career and raise a family, while at the same time inspiring an entire age group of 5-18 year old girls to have dreams and be the best people that they can be."

Alto also said that if he was ever an administrator in charge of hiring a staff for a new school he would want to surround myself with quality people and Waldo would be one of the first people who he would contact to come and work with me, because he knows first hand what a tremendous impression she makes each day on not only the girls, but all students of the Kelliher High School.