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Kelliher Chiropractic set to Open Dec.12

Kelliher Chiropractic and Pain Relief Center will begin to see patients Dec. 12 at the Old Kelliher School. Also located in the old Kelliher School are Choice Therapy and Sanford Health.

"We are very excited to be offering care in the Kelliher area. We have many patients from that area that make the drive to Bemidji for their adjustments and therapies. That is an additional cost to them with the cost of gas. We hope to save them money by bringing our care to them," said Dr. Lyle Erickson, owner of Chiropractic Sport and Spinal Rehab in Bemidji.

The treatment options at Kelliher Chiropractic are extensive, starting with traditional hands-on adjustments of the spine and extremities to Electrical Muscle Stimulation therapy, ultrasound, Deep Myofascial Release Therapy-for chronic muscle pain, sports and work physicals, DOT physicals, rehabilitation stretches and exercises, Kinesio Taping and nutritional supplements.

"At Sport and Spinal we really take pride in the exceptional services we offer which makes us very excited to be providers in the community of Kelliher," says Erickson. Future patients can call 647-8586 for more information about Kelliher Chiropractic and Pain Relief Center or to make an appointment. Erickson will be open on Mondays and Thursdays from 9 a.m.-5 p.m.