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Donations acception by Northome School Board

The regular meeting of the Independent School District 363 board was held in the ITV studios at both the Indus and Northome Schools Nov. 9.

First up on the board's agenda was the approval of the agenda and the minutes, as presented, of the regular October meeting. Both were approved unanimously.

The board then voted to approve the District payment of: $354,807.43 for accounts payable invoices and $26,906.06 for extra payroll, as presented, for the month of September.

Visitors recognized included Indus Principal Brian Brown, Derek Gross, Northome Principal Paul Vanderhagen, J.R. Westover, Grant Erickson, Linda Dreher, Becca Dreher and Kim Brown.

Erickson and Westover made a presentation to the board requesting Knowledge Bowl be added as an Academic Club at Indus.

The board then gave recognition of accomplishments to the following students:

• Indus Students of the Month: K-3: Kaylandra Banner, 4-6: Blazen Whitfield, 7-9: Patricia Handorgan and 10-12: Tyler Jonson

• Northome Academic and Exemplary Students of the month: Senior High Academic: Hollea Boquist, Junior High Academic: Rachel Fahey, Senior High Exemplary: Keith Shaughness and Junior High Exemplary: Becky Maggert.

The following donations were then approved by the board:

• $250 from Shannon's Inc. and Coca Cola of International Falls for the new ball fields at Indus and $2,150 to Northome School from the Round-Up grant

• $200 for the Little League Baseball Field

• $200 for the Sled Dog Race Supper

• $200 for the Preschool and purchase of toys

• $200 for snowshoes for fifth and sixth graders

• $250 for the fifth grade classroom projector system

• $250 for the Northome School yearbook

• $350 for the First Robotics

• $300 for the Spain/France trip for Spanish students

• $200 for the outdoor arts and crafts

The baord approved hiring of Jody Wagner as Pupil Support Assistant at Northome and Angela Heppner as Pupil Support Assistant at Indus, for 6.5 hours per day, starting Nov. 21 or 22. They also approved hiring Colleen Swang as long term substitute aid in the preschool program at Northome.

The 2011-12 budget was then approved as presented by Dr. Jerry Struss before they approved the audit.

The first reading of Policy 505-Enrollment of Nonresident Students was read and then approved

Dr. Struss was directed to investigate the possibility of remaining as Superintendent one more year. He will report back on this to the board in December.

The board voted to authorize the business manager to resell or dispense unused supplies with an individual value of no more than $200.

A request by Principal Brown to reinstate girls and boys basketball at Indus was discussed. At this time there are eight to 10 boys and 10-12 girls interested. This year they would have only a C team. Lake of the Woods would like to co-op with ISD 363 next year on a girl's varsity basketball team. The request was approved.

Approval was given for changed to be made to the Indus Student Handbook as presented by Principal Brown.

A request presented by Ms. Bessler for the Northome trip to Spain for the summer of 2012 was then presented to the board. The motion made was only to allow the planning of the trip not to provide any financial assistance.

Struss was authorized by the board to check with area auto dealers to see what is available regarding the purchase of a Suburban at the Northome School. If nothing is available, he will check on a vehicle that is available at Central Motors.

There were no updates to be presented regarding the licensed staff negotiations. Mediation is scheduled for Nov. 22.

The board discussed recent trends concerning the unreserved general education fund balance and recent developments involving the school board committees.

In regards to the Indus baseball field, the board voted to allocate the $2,000 needed to finish this project.

Dr. Struss advised the board that the cash and investment report comes out every month. He advised them to be cautious with comparing this month and previous month statistics to last year's statistics. Last year the district did not get state aid until the end of May.

Board member Gary Dougherty gave an update on the new ball field.

Vanderhagen reported that football and volleyball are finished and that basketball season is around the corner. He mentioned that Parent/Teacher Conferences are to being and that the Northome Honor Society is providing free babysitting during conferences.

He also noted that the Student council sponsored a Halloween party and gave an update on other projects upcoming.

There was a College Fair in Kelliher and Nov. 2, the Northern Dental Access went to the school.

Brown updated the board on what was happening at Indus Schools. He said that there was be a Veteran's Day program and that the same day, it was also wear camouflage to school day. Report cards were given out at conferences.

The eighth graders sponsored a Halloween party for eighth grade and under. The music students went to St. Olaf and he also reported that the school nurse is sponsoring a Turkey Trot Race Thanksgiving weekend.

Joe Krause put together a school calendar that will be available for purchase. On the 50th day of school, there will be a 1950s celebration.

Dr. Struss discussed the need for a corrective action plan for the Indus waster water plant snd told the board that an RFP will be developed for wireless networks for both schools. He will meet with Dougherty to discuss placement of elementary.

The next regular monthly board meeting and truth in taxation meeting will be held Dec. 14 at 7 p.m. in the ITV studios at both the Northome and Indus Schools.