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Pathways Through Our Past

Changes in the holidays

Our Thanksgiving is over and as in the past we all ate too course much. There is usually enough left to feed another family. One of the best parts is making soup from the remains of the turkey. So much flavor and a person is surprised at the amount of meat left on the bones. Maybe this is a just a part of my past as this is something my family did when we were growing up. My grandfather cooked in a CCC camp and logging camps. He enjoyed making pies for the holidays. He only knew how to make at least 10 pies at a time so we at pie from Thanksgiving until Christmas and then from Christmas to the first part of February.

My mother and I had to wear large white aprons and white hats before we were allowed to help grandpa make those pies. We made our own Mincemeat and grew our own pumpkins for these pies, also berries we had picked during the summer. Now I can get all these things in cans at the store, even pie crust can be bought, more convenient yes but not the same. Maybe the memories tasted better, huh? We can't have been the only family that grew or picked the ingredients for the holiday meals.

Beside the food for the holidays there was the gift giving at Christmas. Each of us five kids received one store bought gift and a hand made one such as mittens or my brothers got knit socks. Then we got a group gift like a puzzle or books. I am still surprised when kids get so many gifts and they are not even sure who gave them what.

Today we decorated at the History and Art , Where we put up colored garland and many, many ornaments on the tree. At home there was colored paper chains and cut out snow flakes. We did have electric lights on the tree, the bubble ones. My husband still had the clips that held the candles for his families Christmas tree. Of course you never left the house without blowing out the candles, or the tree might catch on fire.

We don't exchange gifts because if we need something we get it and we don't exchange with the kids as we wouldn't know what to get for them that they don't already have and we really don't need a thing. I am not a shopper so days like Black Friday and the day after Christmas do not turn me on.

Speaking of the fun things to do for the holidays, the History and Art Center will be having their Cookies By the Pound Dec. 10. You can pick from many, many different kinds of cookies, breads and specialties such as carmel corn and different candies.

On Dec. 17 starting at 11 a.m., there will be hay rides for anybody in the area. At 1 p.m., the free movie will begin. Our elf will bring the kids safely to the center where they can visit with Santa and tell him what they want for Christmas and then they will receive a treat from him.

We hope the people will take part in the many events planned for the community Dec. 17. All are free to the public. If shopping is your thing you will find the businesses happy to serve you and you might find everything you are looking for right in your home town. Hope to see you at some of the many events.