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UPDATED: Two fishermen rescued from floating ice on Upper Red Lake

SHOTLEY, Minn. - Two fishermen are back on land after the ice they were on broke and began drifting on Upper Red Lake this morning.

"They were in 9-feet of water on a piece of ice that is sinking," Beltrami County Sheriff Phil Hodapp said. "They were in about as dire of a situation as you can be."

A call shortly after 10 a.m. reported the men were drifting across the lake and emergency crews scrambled to get equipment to rescue them. One of the concerns was the wind and reaching the men before the men sank into the lake.

The Bemidji Fire Department sent its Hovercraft and emergency workers from other agencies also scrambled to get to Upper Red Lake to assist. In addition, there were calls for at least one helicopter to join in the search and rescue effort.

About 11:30, a dispatcher reported the fishermen were back on land.

The men were on a piece of ice west of Shotley and north of Pioneer Road, Hodapp said.

It isn't clear how thick the ice was that the men were on, he said.

"It's not thick enough, especially on Red Lake, to be out there," Hodapp said.

The lake may have ice on it, but Hodapp said the wind came up this morning.

Check back to for details.