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Northome Council makes policy change

Members of the Northome City Council met for the regular meeting Nov. 2.

Councilors present included Mayor Larry Salmonson and Councilors Mickey Guderian, Jerry Struss, Jack White. Councilmember Bill Eitenmiller was absent.

City Clerk Connie White and Liquor Store Manager Angel Stradtmann were also present.

Carmen Lindley and Greta Nelson both came before the ocuncil and spoke in favor of finishing the municipal building with awnings as originally planned when they served on city council with James Schneider.

Dick Grabko from S.E.H. stated that there may be funding for such a project available through a Downtown Redevelopment program and offered his assistance in accessing funding. White told the council that Northland Progressive is looking into placing a banner across Main Street and was hoping to enlist city staff to assist in hanging it.

Grabko from S.E.H. then discussed with the council, the progress with the project. The grant application is due Nov. 17. They are seeking 60 percent funding in grant and securing a loan through DEED. The State Senate Bonding Committee has been in touch about meeting with city officials about the project but still waiting for a confirm on the date and time. MN DOT would like to coordinate the Highway 1 overlay project with this project.

Koochiching County Commissioner Mike Hanson came before the council and gave an informative report on county matters. He will be setting up a meeting for Northome city officials to meet with the Ccounty board to discuss equity and fairness of distribution of taxes within the county.

Stradtmann then presented two estimates she had received for awnings for the municipal building. It was decided that council is interested but will wait because of the possibility of future grant funding.

Councilor Guderian discussed problems he has with neighborhood dogs and offered his services as a dog catcher. Ordinances were discussed and Guderian was asked to bring a plan of exactly what he would like to see done to the next meeting. White was asked to check with other towns on their ordinances.

Stradtmann reported on the MMBA meeting that she had attended. The POS software was discussed and she informed the council that representatives from the MMBA were planning to come in December for an off-sale reset. Issues with minors were also discussed.

Stradtmann asked the council that the current policy be changed not to allow minors in the bar. Following some discussion, the council voted to approve the policy change.

There had been no response on the request for quotes for snowplowing at the airport and Councilman White will continue looking at options.

David Good presented a request to access the airport road from their property, which would involve installing a small culvert. It was decided that the State DOT Aeronautics Dept. would have to approve.

The October financial reports were then approved as were the disbursements totaling $50,951.55 and current claims totaling $13,414.74.

• Resolution 2011-12 Authorization to Execute MN Dept of Transportation Grant Agreement for Airport Maintenance and Operation was discussed by the council before it was unanimously approved.

The resolution states:

Resolution 2011-12



It is resolved by the City of Northome as follows:

1. That the State of Minnesota Agreement No. 99272 "Grant Agreement for Airport Maintenance and Operation" at the Northome Municipal Airport is accepted.

2. That the Mayor Larry Salmonson and Clerk Connie White are authorized to execute this Agreement and any amendments on behalf of the City of Northome.

Resolution 2011-13 City Council has Determined that Owner Occupied Rehabilitation is a Priority for the City of Northome was also discussed before it was approved and is as follows:

Resolution 2011-13

The City Council of the City of Northome has determined that owner occupied rehabilitation is a Priority for the City of Northome. The Application to the Department of Employment and Economic Development, Small Cities Development Program has the support of the full City Council.

A motion was then made and approved to set the public meeting date for adoption of the final 2012 general fund budget and setting the tax levy collectible in 2012 for Dec. 7 at the regular monthly meeting at 7 p.m.

The annual liquor license renewal for Powerhouse was discussed before it was approved.

The council discussed that it is city policy that property owners are responsible for water lines from their home to the curb stop and sewer lines from their home to the sewer main.

The city will work with property owners to determine the source of any water or sewer problem if the source of the property owner's problem could be an issue with a water or sewer main. However, once the problem has been determined by the city to be the homeowner's responsibility, then the city's maintenance employees are not to work on the homeowner's lines.

The meeting was closed at 8:35 p.m. for the six month probationary period performance review of city clerk and was reopened 25 minutes later. the council then made the statement that they felt her performance was favorable before adjourning the meeting.