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Weather: Thankful for warm temps

Need something else to be thankful for? How about a high temperature 23 degrees above average on Thanksgiving Day?

The high temperature in Bemidji topped out at 52. That's 2 degrees short of the record high of 54, set in 1984. A far cry though from the record low of 18 below, oddly reached in 1985 - a year after the record high.

Don't expect the unusual warmth to last - the National Weather Service Forecast Office in Grand Forks is predicting a high temperature Saturday of 33. Expect that temperature to drop gradually throughout the afternoon as snow begins to fall. Current predictions call for 1 to 2 inches of snow ending after midnight.

Today's snow will be of the "wrap around" variety. A storm system is expected to move across the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Strong upper level winds from the northeast will wrap around the low pressure area and drag cold air and snow into much of northern and eastern Minnesota. If you're traveling east today, expect up to a foot of snow across far northwest Wisconsin in the traditional lake effect snowbelt areas near Bayfield and Hurley.

This weekend also marks the anniversaries of a couple significant weather events.

In 1965, a powerful storm system dropped over a foot of snow across the north woods. The highest total was in Grand Rapids where 14 inches fell. In 1985 the area was in the grips of an unusually early frigid weather pattern. Bemidji reached a record low of 23 below on November 27 and Crookston dropped to 30 below that same morning.

In a timely note, meteorological winter begins Thursday. Meteorologists define winter as being the three months with the coldest temperatures. In our hemisphere, those months are December, January and February. Astronomical winter begins when the sun is furthest from Earth - Dec. 22 this year.

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