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Nevis commissioner caught in underage alcohol sting

Nevis' liquor commissioner and municipal liquor store were caught in a sting operation last summer for sales of alcohol to an underage decoy.

Cammy Catherine Johnson, 52, recently appeared in Hubbard County District Court on a gross misdemeanor charge of Selling Alcohol to a Minor.

The charge stems from a routine compliance check in June. The minor, one month shy of her 21st birthday, was carded by Johnson, according to the complaint, before purchasing Mike's Hard Lemonade.

Johnson told officers she wasn't wearing her glasses and didn't see identification clearly.

Law enforcement agencies and a task force have stepped up sales to underage drinkers.

Nevis municipal manager Lisa Kamrowski said it was an unfortunate event that won't be repeated.

"We've done an alcohol awareness training, we're aware of it, we've done things to prevent it from happening," Kamrowski said. "It was an unfortunate event that took place, and other than that I don't have any comment."

Under state law, the clerk, not the establishment, is criminally charged.

Johnson, who could not be reached for comment, faces a maximum of 1 year in jail and/or a $3,000 fine upon conviction.

She is the city commissioner that oversees the liquor store operations, in addition to being a part-time clerk there.

The compliance checks have come under fire from merchants and even law enforcement for using decoys that look considerably older than their driver's license age.