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New auto body shop opens in Blackduck

Blackduck Collision opened for business Sept.1 / 3
Owner Danny Juelson sands down the hood of a pickup.2 / 3
Jessica Juelson vacuums a vehicle brought in for cleaning and detail work.3 / 3

In the past few years, if you hit a deer, were hit by someone or ran into something and needed to get your vehicle repaired, you had to look elsewhere for repairs because there wasn't any place in town to get it fixed. That is not the case today with the opening of Blackduck Collision!

For more than half his life, Danny Juelson has been working on cars -- it's a passion of his. He got started at the age of 13 when his father, Dennis, brought him home a wreck and told him if he fixed it up and got it running, he could have it. That's all it took to get him started.

Juelson had worked for Rohn and Merry Ferdig at Scenic Auto Body for 16 years but wanted to open a shop of his own in the town where he grew up and after thinking about it, talking with the Ferdigs, getting advice and finding the right location, his dream came true.

"This was a hard decision to make," said Juelson. "I didn't know if there would be any business for me here. When I talked with Rohn about it, he told me that he used to worry about not having enough business here but he said he worried for nothing."

Juelson and his wife, Jessica, looked for a place to open up their shop and decided the old Blackduck Auto location on Main Street would be perfect for them.

"It took awhile to get things going," said Jessica, "but we finally were able to get the ball rolling. It seemed like it took forever once we made the decision to do this but it was worth it," she said.

Jessica works in the shop with her husband, taking care of the office and cleaning the vehicles when they come in among other things. Since their two children are in school in Blackduck, it is the perfect place for her to be.

"I can work while the kids are in school," she said. "If I need to be off with them, I can be. If there is a problem at school, we are both right here close by. It works well for us."

Blackduck Collision offers collision repair, glass work, restoration and detailing. Also offered are detail and cleaning packages as well as individual services.

Detail packages range from $50-$130 and include hand washing your car, vacuuming, tire and wheel cleaning, shampooing and engine bay detail. They also clean and condition leather seats.

The shop is equipped with two bays, a paint mixing room and the paint room itself.

"It doesn't look very big from the outside," said Jessica, "but we were able to get a big truck in here to paint. It was tight but we were able to do it with no trouble."

There is also another building that will be refurbished in the future for added space but for the time being, Jessica said that they are content to be housed out of the main shop.

"The first thing I did was to paint the outside of the shop and put in the flowerbeds. I wanted that done right away to make it look nice. We had the grass cut when we first purchased the property and then I got to work painting and planting," she said.

With both Juelsons being raised in Blackduck and graduating from high school here, they wanted to become a bigger part of the community where they grew up and what better way to do that than to open up a much-needed business here.

Blackduck Collision is open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m.-5 p.m. and is located at 637 Main St. To make an appointment, call 835-4252 or e-mail them at