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Blackduck Chamber of Commerce holds meeting

Members of the Blackduck Chamber of Commerce held their regular meeting Oct. 19.

Members present included secretary Karin Elhard, Treasurer Miriam Osborn, Greg Morris, Janice Dagen, Glennis Moon, Charlie Anderson and Bruce Meade.

First order of business was to approve the minutes of the previous meeting as well as the treasurer's report.

Old Business

The annual Fall Chamber dinner update was given and approximately 80 reservations have been received. The games, which were lost over the past year, have been located! Social hour is set to begin at 5:30 p.m. Oct. 24 at the Blackduck Legion.

Next came the update on the Tourist Information Center.

Meade was authorized to purchase a gift, not to exceed $500, for the volunteered hours of Jean Tipp at the center.

An invitation was extended to Tipp to attend the Fall dinner but she had declined. Elhard will contact her and inquire what gift she would like purchased on her behalf and Elhard will also include an invitation to attend the Fall finner with other city employees.

Meade provided an update of the Chamber's website. He indicated revisions are nearly complete and Monte Sharbono will continue working with Ms. Bloom.

Elhard indicated she had recently reviewed the website and noticed a different format design. It seemed different than the previous one he had shared at the last meeting but she said that it was nice!

She also noted all the businesses are on a rotating list and are all listed now. She e-mailed Sharbono as the calendar of events was not working properly and wondered if it could be linked to the city of Blackduck's calendar.

An e-mail from Andra Vaughn indicated she had not received the brochure, but is still willing to work on it personally or as a classroom project.

Osborn noted she has made several attempts to e-mail the document, but it has not been successful. Osborn will download the file onto a flash drive and deliver to Vaughn.

An update regarding 3/50 Project, all Blackduck listings will be removed from the 3/50 website and business owners will have to relist their businesses. Additional information will be shared with the membership to further promote their listing on the website.

New Business

The group discussed the proposed 2012 meeting schedule. It was decided to discontinue evening meetings and instead continue to promote the "Chamber after Hours" for the evening networking opportunities. Also changed November's meeting day to Nov. 19, 2012. A final copy will be emailed to the membership when changed have been made.

The group thought it would be beneficial to consider changing the frequency of taco night to possibly four times per year. Before further discussing, Osborn will prepare a report for next meeting which will identify what months have been the most profitable in the past. This will be further discussed during the next meeting.

Elhard updated the group on the membership packet for 2012.

Changes were made to the cover letter and (as discussed earlier) changes had been made to the meeting schedule. Once revisions have been made she will e-mail the membership packet to current members. Moon will continue to "sprinkle her membership magic" to promote continued memberships as well as new memberships.

Elhard shared her thoughts regarding a winter activity to replace the trade show. She wondered about an American Idol knock off competition.

As the group thought about the opportunity many ideas surfaced and a realization that a winter activity would be easy to create. They tabled the discussion and agreed to allow the thoughts to bring ideas back to the table at the next meeting and further discuss the issue.

The next meeting will be held Nov. 16 at Blackduck Legion at noon.