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Northome Council hears update on water/sewer project

The Northome City Council met for the regular monthly meeting Oct. 5 with all members present.

As there was noone present to address the council during the open forum, members to approve the agenda, the minutes of the Sept. 7 regular meeting.

Don Lukenbill came before the council to make a request on behalf of the Voyageurs Sled Dog Classic.

His request was for the city to contribute to a sponsorship of the upcoming sled dog race, as he felt the city's involvement in the event was important.

Councilmember Jerry Struss made the motion to make a contribution of $200 from the enhancement fund. A discussion as to whether the sponsorship should be from the liquor store as a business and if contributing public funds would set a precedence for dealing with other organization's requests then ensued.

The council then voted to approve the $200 contribution before moving on to the water/sewer project update.

Jeff Ledin, an engineer from S.E.H. that replaced Matt Pellinen, introduced himself and reported that he had spent some time in the area earlier in the day checking things out and mentioned some concerns that he has with the roof on the water tower. He will be following up with suggestions on how he feels his concerns could be remedied.

Scott Zahorik, housing director from Kootasca, discussed the process of the housing rehab through the Small Cities Development Program which he will serve as administrator. He explained the importance in the application process of having a joint applicant and suggested some possibilities.

Dick Grabko, the primary contact at S.E.H. for this project, explained more on the application process. Since the preliminary application is due Nov. 17, he suggested the city decide on a joint applicant. The motoin was made to partner with Mizpah as a joint applicant, if they are willing, which they were and the motion was then approved.

The council voted to advertise for bids for snowplowing this winter at the airport.

Councilman Jack White suggested they revisit the ideas for signage and/or awnings based on public comment he has received in opposition to the signage that was previously decided on. Councilman Bill Eitenmiller commented that he has received public comment against awnings.

The council decided to again look into an awning for the liquor store, giving head bartender Angel Stradtman the task of gathering information and presenting at the next meeting.

It was noted that work on a problem sewer line was scheduled to be done Oct. 6.

The council then voted to approve September financial reports and the September 2011 disbursements totaling $218,551.77 and to approve current claims presented totaling $9,125.28.

Before the council adjourned for the evening, they voted to draft a letter to the Koochiching County Board addressing concerns of the current system used in taxing properties.