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Blackduck Area Senior Center Update

The board members held their regularly scheduled monthly meeting at 1 p.m. Oct. 11 followed by the scheduled quarterly meeting at 2 p.m. Fifteen members were in attendance out of a possible 113.

Rich Ferdig opened the meeting and Secretary Leona Ferdig read the minutes from the last quarterly meeting. Carol Hannigan reviewed the treasurer's report and answered various questions.

Dollars from "coffee time" are down -- this is usually one of our best money makers, one that we count on for paying bills! Liability and building insurance expense is up. Carol was very pleasantly surprised recently with a donation from the employees of Wells Fargo. Seems they decided to have a potluck dinner one day, with one catch... they had to pay for it. Those funds were then given to the senior center because they realize what a good organization it is to have and keep in our town. What a great group of people and what a super idea and nice thing to do. Thank you, Wells Fargo bankers!

Committee reports were reviewed: Jam (musicians) sessions are the first Saturday of each month and run 1-4 p.m. New attendees "wish they had known earlier about the great music and how much fun it was." The musicians are motivated by and love playing for audiences, so get a few friends together and enjoy a Saturday afternoon jam session with local musicians.

Bev Gibson talked about the need for more crafters Friday afternoons. This function is also very important as the craft items that are created here are a major part of fundraising. Bev stated that they need new ideas, more participants and that you can even work at home if that works for you. It's more fun however, to visit and laugh when crafting together at the center.

Bev spearheaded the Backwoods Bash float committee and was congratulated for winning $100 for first place. Drop in to see the pictures of the float if you didn't attend the Bash. Another fun event in Blackduck!

The members voted to join the Chamber of Commerce in 2012 and will realize the benefits from doing so. Another good organization -- promoting Blackduck as a good place to live.

The senior center nominating committee will be soliciting new board members for one, two and three year terms. Here's your chance to make a difference, volunteer! Men are especially needed.

Mickey Witt and volunteers are promoting membership for the senior center by having a "free" dinner for members and non-members at $8 a ticket. Plan to attend this yummy dinner Oct. 20 from 5-7 p.m. Membership dues will be sold for $5 for 2012.

The senior center is a good organization and it needs your support, so please consider joining. You'll be glad you did. Belonging and volunteering to serve a few hours each month is certainly worth $5! Mark your calendar for the Dec. 2 omelet brunch and craft sale.