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Pathways Through Our Past

Do you know your neighbor?

Several years ago, our Homemakers Club disbanded. Mostly because of the ages of our members. We didn't want to loose track of each other so we tried to meet once a year at a local café for lunch. Well the one we wanted to touch base with was down on the other side of the table and you were unable to talk to each other so last year we held a picnic at the farm where members could bring a guest and move around and visit with who ever they wanted to. Everyone had a good time and plans were to have it again this year.

Our township is mostly agriculture so lots of land and fewer people then most townships. Once we listed the current members and those who had belonged years ago that didn't leave to many other families so we just invited the whole township. Al even won a wonderful grill at the local grocery store so he was ready to do some large grilling.

Everything was a go except the weather. The weekend before and the weekend after beautiful. Our weekend rain. So we hurried and put up tarps, a tent and we had the screen porch for the food. Well, not everyone was able to come but those that did had a good time. A little damp around the edges but people visited with each other.

I got to know one of my neighbors who lives just a few miles away. Sure, we met at the voting place and saw each other in town but we got to know each other over the kitchen sink. We are going to get to know them better and make plans for next year's township party.

Watching friends help with getting the food out and the cleanup after made me realize how nice it is to have friends like that. It made me think about a story a former neighbor told me of a card party they had been invited to.

It took place in the winter and they and other guests had arrived by horse and wagon and in those days the kids came to.

The horses were placed in the barn and the adults played cards, broke for snacks, played some more and when families got ready to go home they found they were snowed in. The weather had turned to a blizzard and no one was leaving. All the kids were sent up to the sleeping loft and quilts and mats were found for the adults. Fires were kept going and ever one was safe and warm. Next morning the men shoveled out to the road while the women prepared a huge breakfast for everyone. Opal said that they talked about that party for years.

Now we don't have to worry about getting snowed in with all the equipment and vehicles out there.

I remember working in Blackduck several years ago. I could walk to work and I thought business would be slow but I was surprised to hear men who came in laughing and saying they came to town to see who else had made it in. No worry at all about the weather. Just jump on the snowmobile. Wouldn't some of the early settlers view one of those contraptions with a laugh. Darn things will never last.

By the way, Glennis is the one who had the skunks leaving holes in her lawn. We can do one better. We had a bull get loose and he ran through the lawn. This animal weighed about 2,000 lbs. so the holes he left in the wet lawn were quite deep.