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Big parade for a small boy

The Blackduck Wayside Rest area was crowded with emergency vehicles from Blackduck and Kelliher and the sheriff's Mounted Posse. Fire trucks and ambulances were all part of the parade for the Make-A-Wish youngster, Hunter Page.1 / 4
"He's really a people person," his mother, Nadene, said of 5-year-old Hunter Page. As his instructor Peggy Juelson held him, Hunter broke away to climb into the arms of reporter Jack Swenson, where he happily settled down as Juelson took his picture.2 / 4
In an ATV leading the parade, Hunter Page and his mother were surprised and pleased when fire trucks, ambulances and men on horseback showed up at their Summit Avenue home so the youngster's wish to be in a parade could be fulfilled.3 / 4
Three riders in the parade were these men from the Beltrami County Sheriff's Mounted Posse. Several officers from the sheriff's office were also on hand to help in traffic control.4 / 4

Along the access road, the line of fire trucks and ambulances stretched for nearly a half mile right up to the Blackduck Wayside Rest. Sitting with his mother in a four-wheeler right in front, five year old Hunter Page got his wish.

Now he not only was in a parade, he was being honored with the parade. He was getting his wish, thanks to the Make-a-Wish organization and the sheriff's Mounted Posse.

Hunter has ATRX, a rare syndrome that affects his development, but hasn't affected his friendliness with others.

His mother, Nadene Page, says Hunter truly is a 'people person' and was totally surprised by the arrival of a line of fire trucks including units from Kelliher as well as Blackduck, ambulance units from both cities, all-terrain vehicles, even three riders on horseback as well as a number of community supporters on foot, bikes and motorcycles.

Hunter has had special education, and his teacher, Peggy Juelson, got the idea and made the contact with Make-Wish which led to last Saturday's event. Nadene is also a special ed teacher. She and her husband, Brad, have two older children.