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Exchange students experience Northome lifestyles

For the past 17 years, a group of Russian Exchange students arrive in Northome and Indus to experience American culture and language.

This year, five students have come through ISD #363's Russian Exchange program with Lyceum 1, a school in Petrozavodsk, Russia.

The purpose of the exchange program is for students to interract with others to learn their cultures and get a better understanding of others.

This year Northome welcomes two students, Indus two students and Blackduck one student.

Dasha Arkhipova, grade 11, came to America from Petrozavodsk, Karelia it improve her English skills while experiencing an American high school.

She enjoys dancing, singing, biking, and traveling and wonders what teenagers in Northome do in their free time..

"Northome is a very beautiful place," Dasha said. "There are very friendly people, and it is a very nice school."

One goal that Dasha has while she is in America is to experience and cooperate in American holidays and other largely celebrated events.

Liza Mikhaylouskaya, grade 11, came to America along with Dasha from Petrozavodsk. She, too, hopes to improve her English skills while here.

She enjoys taking walks with her friends, reading, and listening to music.

She likes Northome because it is such a comfortable school and the people are very friendly and welcoming.

While in America, Liza would like to improve her English as well as celebrate American holidays.

While staying in America, Dasha Arkipova is staying with Andy and Deb Michalek.

Liza Mikhaylouskaya is staying with Karen Panchot.

Having Russian foreign exchange students is always exciting for the students and staff in Northome School. We are looking forward to having a fun year and learning about Dasha and Liza's Russian lifestyles.