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BHS drama heating up and 'eating up!'

The (unfinished Audrey II) with Tyler Dobmeier, Tatum Mistic, Mike O'Reilly, Ben Anderson, Frieda Fiedler and Morgan Jung.1 / 2
Eric Weller (the genius behind the "Audrey II" design -- cuts foam teeth for the evil plant.2 / 2

Little Shop of Horrors is in rehearsal and BHS staff and students are gearing up for a dark-comedy musical romp through 1960's song and dance -- all backed up by the terror of a carnivorous plant named "Audrey II" who is bent on devouring the world -- beginning with the unsuspecting cast of characters.

The stars of the show -- the proprietor of the flower shop where the deadly plant resides, played by Jay Cheney and his employees who unwittingly help the plant to thrive and therefore to work its evil wiles, played by Matthew Jedlicka and Emily Biberg are working hard to lead the large cast and crew into one of the best BHS shows ever.

Hilarity ensues through the insanity of the show's masochistic dentist, played by Tyler Dobmeier and an octet of doo-wop singers, plus many more actors!

The crew is lead by student director, Maile Olson (also one of the doo-wop girls) and crew leaders: Tatum Mistic, Morgan Jung and Alex Tindell.

This show is truly bringing the community together as a few members of the amazing staff of Anderson Fabrics factory have joined to help create the complicated plant system that dominates the stage in the show that has graced both Broadway and the Silver Screen over the past five decades.

Eric Weller, Kaleb Leinbac and Miriam Osborn of Andersons as well as community artisan, Sandy Kalvig and BHS Art teacher Kory Greiner have all been instrumental in the creation of the many varieties of the "Audrey II" that will grace the stage along with the actors the first weekend in November.

People can call the high school office to reserve tickets for the dinner theatre on Nov. 4 -- or plan to buy tickets at the door for the Nov. 5-6 performances.