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Blackduck Development Corp. holds monthly meeting

Blackduck Development Corporation members Karen Elhard, Jim Wolden, Dwight Kalvig, Grant Frenzel, Megan Gustafson, Charlie Anderson, Angel Normandin and Steve Cochems met Sept. 14 for the regular monthly meeting.

Special guests were Steve Eickman, President of Anchor Marketing and Dave Hengel, Director of Leadership and Development for Headwaters Regional Development Corporaton.

President Elhard called the meeting to order with old business first on the agenda.

The Sept. 8 special meeting minutes were accepted before the treasurer's report was given by Wolden.

An Anchor Marketing update given by Eickman.

Under new business, the group discussed action to make Blackduck a great place for families from a good place -- to keep the promise!

Hengel was there to help the BDC keep the promise. He lead a discussion on what will it take to do this -- dedicated people (a champion), resources (funding and otherwise), opportunity and community involvement.

Further discussion centered on improving youth activities and the possibility of a full time Blackduck Youth Coordinator. Blackduck Development Corp. to serve as facilitator to get interested groups together.

The BDC will organize a meeting and get together with church groups, representatives from the school, city government representatives to nurture the idea of this youth coordinator. Hengel and Eikman stated that they would like to attend that meting as well.

Normandin volunteered to research ideas for a youth coordinator job description. Some thoughts discussed were a need for a three year commitment at approx $40,000 per year to plan youth activities on going, attend youth activities, find out what the community wants, fund raising, represent youth needs within the community.

Potential monetary support will come from churches, parents, school, the BDC, Chamber, business community, county, Chippewa National Forest, Blandon Foundation, Nielson Foundation. Hengel will be the one to research the Nielson possibilities.

A discussion was then held on the Blackduck -- a great place for families campaign.

A t-shirt give away at the school is being considered. There are 607 kids at the school and the it was mentioned to check with the school as they support the idea. A motion was made to spend up to $4,000 for the t-shirts. The motion was then approved before the group adjourned.