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Carson Nendick selected to win $1,000

Carson Nendick with Blackduck librarian Nance Kunkel.

Carson Nendick of Blackduck, was selected as a winner in this summer's "Destination College Savings Sweepstakes" sponsored by the Minnesota College Savings Plan. His parents, Tony and Tami Nendick, will be awarded a $1,000 cash prize to be invested in the Minnesota College Savings Plan for Carson's benefit.

The "Destination College Savings Sweepstakes" was a component of this year's Summer Reading Program, held at participating Minnesota libraries. The Blackduck Community Library, where Nendick participated in the summer reading program, also won $500 for future summer reading programs.

"I was so excited when I heard the news that Carson had won, I totally forgot about the library winning $500!" said library branch manager Nance Kunkel.

She and Nendick have discussed how the money should be spent and determined that a share of it should go for moto-cross and truck books to be added to the junior section of the library.

The summer reading program is offered through Minnesota's libraries to encourage children to continue to read through the summer. The Blackduck Library had 168 children sign up for the program this year. Each Wednesday morning activity time found an average of 50 children present, and some of the special programs drew nearly 80 children. Over the eight week program, over 600 children participated in activities at the library.