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Prime Time: Vacation Bible School came at a lousy time

I hated Vacation Bible School. It was always the first thing in the summer. Out of school for the summer, and then we had to go to Vacation Bible School. We were never imaginative enough to called it VBS.

Two weeks of studying the Bible. Nothing against the Bible. It was just the timing that was lousy. Who wanted to sit in a hot church for two weeks after finishing a year of school?

But we went. None of us had smiles on our faces as we walked the blocks to the church.

We started the morning out singing hymns. I liked singing, so that was not so bad. In fact, none of it was bad. It was just a terrible time to have it.

By August, we were getting kind of bored, so that would have been better. But tradition stated that we have it the first two weeks of June. School was always out the Friday before Memorial Day.

Not only did we have to go in the morning, we had to come back after dinner (dinner was at noon in Tracy in those days). We had plenty of time to play games and get some exercise, and the activities were pretty good. It was just that we did not want to sit in church for two weeks just after we had gotten out of school.

I don't remember any of the lessons. I just remembered the people who taught us. They were fine ladies from the church who were kind and who liked kids.

That in itself is a good enough reason to have Vacation Bible School - but please! Why did it have to be those two weeks? We all felt the same. But tradition is tradition.

I do attribute my knowledge of the Bible to those two weeks, to Sunday School and to worship on Sunday.

To this day, I think of the entire Bible rather than a verse here and a verse there that had been memorized; other than John 3:16, the verse I think of is "God is love" from I John 4.

That is the first verse I memorized in Sunday School. That verse has determined my entire theology.