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Overrun by cats, Crookston pet shelter looks for feline-friendly homes

CROOKSTON, Minn. - The Humane Society of Polk County is up to its ears in cats.

In the past month the shelter acquired 40 cats from a home in Crookston. These animals, along with the shelter's other feline residents, bring the total number of cats to 69.

"We're only equipped to handle 30 cats," said shelter manager Tracey Janisch.

Dog carriers are currently being used as temporary kennels for the Humane Society's newest residents, she said.

The first batch of cats from the home arrived a few weeks ago.

The 20 felines were in poor physical condition, according to Janisch. They were underweight and some have respiratory problems.

Several of the more skittish felines were placed on a farm to live out their lives as barn cats. The rest remain at the shelter.

A second batch of 20 cats was brought to the shelter Monday.

They are a little friendlier, said Janisch, but are in similar physical condition to the first group.

To encourage adoption, she said normal adoption fees will be cut in half for adult cats. It usually costs $75 to adopt a female cat and $60 to adopt a male cat. The adoption fee includes a spay/neuter procedure, shots and a veterinarian check up.

The price cut will begin Monday, and run for two weeks.

Those that can't adopt a cat, can help by donating pet supplies, such as cat litter, food and toys.

"We're not picky about the brand of food or litter," Janisch said. "We need it badly."

Cleaning supplies such as bleach, paper towels and laundry soap are also needed. With the influx of cats, the shelter is doing laundry constantly instead of every other day.

Despite the dramatic increase in feline numbers, Janisch said the staff is doing well but will have their hands full for a while. "We're a no-kill shelter so these cats will be with us until we can place them in a home."

For more information about the shelter and the cats available call (218) 281-7225 or visit the shelter's Facebook page to view photos of animals up for adoption.

Shelter hours are Monday through Friday 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Saturdays 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.