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Across The Lake

It's probably not unusual for parents but I envy our kids. Not because they face the possibility of a recession or difficulty finding a job -- those are things we've all had to face one time or another but because of the opportunities they've enjoyed in the work they do or the jobs they've had.

Son David is one example. My Favorite Reader and I thought we'd maybe lose our hearing as the band Champ rehearsed in our garage. Of course, that led to his job running Bill Townsend's studio along the Missouri River near Bismarck. He and a partner bought it and that in turn has grown into Makoche, an audio/video production company currently doing shows for television, colleges and universities, Native American organizations and more.

Right now, the Jefferson hour series on radio and a Teddy Roosevelt film duplicating footage from a century ago, at the exact sites of the original and having it done on equally old equipment, is keeping him busy. The cameras have been lovingly restored by the photographer, with David one of those helping set the scene. When they needed a crowd in front of the restored Roughrider's Hotel in Medora, even the current mayor happily joined in to provide the needed number of people to mimic the group from years ago.

His older sisters have had fun lives, at times also having reminded their parents that being a parent is a lifetime thing. Janet moved from the University of North Dakota after graduation to Washington, DC and quickly found employment because her new boss was also a former North Dakotan who recognized the importance of mid-western values and the work ethic it entailed. She's in Kansas now -- her husband is a college instructor teaching classic auto restoration.

Janet is an award-winning quilter. The blue ribbon won at the Kansas State Fair a few years ago is one of many in her scrapbook of quilts including those shown and often sold at galleries where she's exhibited.

Our second daughter is easy to write about. She's been with us this week, here from Astoria, Oregon, though that's about to change. She's been a college admissions staff person with different institutions and has just joined Linfield College, another Oregon school. I've had to accept this is not really a step down.

After all, for a good many years, she was a newspaper person. A weekly newspaper person in fact and in Veneta, OR, where she was production manager of the West Lane News. So good at her job she is still fondly remembered by former owner, publisher and boss Joe Cannon.

Our 'trailer' is now a farm girl. Suzi and Fred have a hundred and some acres near Decorah, Iowa. He commutes to his job running a highway construction outfit in Rochester, Minnesota and she works from home finding men to fill jobs in the North Dakota oil fields.

Their two boys have chores including taking care of ducks and chickens and a turkey probably named Thanksgiving. Visiting geese, on occasion and always the uninvited fox or raccoons. One of the boys is in football, the other plays soccer, they ride the bus in the morning but often have to be picked up in the afternoon, after practice which is usually for game practice but sometimes music class.

Thoughts while drying the dishes... All this may sound great and it mostly has been. Truth is at one time or another, they've all been out of work, either unemployed or at least under-so. It's not always the kids, though. Like the time their dad came home a week before Christmas to announce that New Year's Eve would be his last broadcast -- the station was closing.