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Kelliher Board accepts bids; denied ADSIS grant

Members of the Kelliher met Aug. 11 for the regular monthly meeting with the following members present: Frank Duresky, Ed Gehlert, Ed Anderson, Barbara Woltjer, Jerry Geerdes and Tim Lutz, Superintendent, Ex-Officio. Board members Peggy Vollhaber was not in attendance.

Visitors included Carly Amsden, Jamie Hand, Kristi Pink, Wendy Carlson, John Carlson, Vicky Rabe, Mary Lundin, Irene Maggert, Calvin Mayers and Laura Nelson.

The meeting began with the approval of the July 14 minutes, along with the treasurer's report and payment of the August bills in the amount of $71,705.44.

A video of Kelliher students that was done as part of the HOPE study was shown to the board.

The board was presented a letter from Dave Hanson informing them of the resignation of a bus driver, the participation by the district in the disaster drill in Waskish Aug. 6 and work that was done on the new lawn mower.

Vicky Rabe presented a thank you from the FCCLA members that attended the National Convention in Anaheim, CA and showed the board members pictures from the trip.

The Dean of Students Report was then given and it was noted that members of the Kelliher school staff recently attended a great PBIS conference.

Supt. Tim Lutz came before the board to give them his report.

There was discussion held regarding hiring a part-time English teacher and increasing Stephanie Erickson's duty time to full-time.

Lutz informed the board of the need to hire additional custodial help in September due to the extension of a medical leave.

He then gave the board an update on the recently passed Omnibus Education bill as well as an update on the negotiations with Education Minnesota-Kelliher.

Lutz informed the board that the ADSIS grant that supports the School Based Intervention program was denied.

A discussion was held on possible changes to the enrollment policy and on the final review of the district mission and vision statements/core beliefs.

Supt. Lutz told the board that Choice Therapy would be leasing space at the Old School Center.

Staff workshop days have been scheduled for Aug. 30, 31 and Sept. 1 with an open house scheduled for Aug. 31.

Discussion was then held regarding the feasibility of purchasing the Grundmeier property north of the school bus garage.

Under the consent agenda, the board voted to approve the second reading and adoption of Kelliher School's Restrictive Procedures plan and to approve the board to board agreements for the 2011-12 school year as presented.

Bids were then opened, read and accepted for the following items:

Action Items:

• Firm milk bid from Kemp's as follows: .2290 - ½ pint 1 percent; .2180 - ½ pint skim, .2270 - ½ pint chocolate. Other bids: Kemp's escalator - .2190 - ½ pint 1 percent, .2080 - ½ pint skim, .2170 - ½ pint chocolate. Land O' Lakes firm - .2110 - ½ pint 1 percent, .1990 - ½ pint skim, .2140 - ½ pint chocolate; Land O' Lakes escalator - .2010 - ½ pint 1 percent, .1890 - ½ pint skim and .2040 - ½ pint chocolate.

• Firm propane bid for 2011-12 from Lakes Gas Co. as follows: New School - $1.61/gallon; Old School - $1.71/gallon. Other bids: Lakes Gas Co. escalator - New School - $1.67/gallon; Old School - $1.77/gallon. No other bids were received.

• Gasoline/diesel bid for 2011-2012 from Fisher Petroleum as follows: Unleaded gasoline - $2.7785/gallon; #2 diesel - $3.0050/gallon and #1 diesel - $2.9475/gallon. There were no other bids received.

The second reading and adoption of the 2011-12 student handbook was then read and approved unanimously before the board voted to approve hiring additional custodial help in September. Motion passed unanimously.

The board also agreed to approve the lease of office suites at the Old School Center to Choice Therapy.

Kelly Chaffin was hired as .33 FTE English teacher for 2011-12 at BS, Step 7 for $13,555 and Stephanie Erickson's duty time was increased to full-time starting with the 2011-12 school year.

The board voted to contract with Stellher Human Services for full-time SBI services using district funds to make up for the loss of ADSIS funds.

The resignation of bus driver Paul Glass was received and approved with thanks and appreciation for years served were given by the board.

After some discussion, it was decided to allow siblings of non-resident students currently enrolled in the district and who are on the district's enrollment waiting list to enroll in the district without regard to current enrollment caps.

Before adjourning for the evening, the board went into closed session for negotiations strategy with Education Minnesota-Kelliher.