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Northome School Board meets for August meeting

The regular meeting of the Board of Education, School District #363 was held at the Indus School Aug. 10.

First order of business was to approve the agenda as presented, approve the addendum and the minutes of the July 13 meeting as presented.

The board then approved the District payment of $130,471.00 for accounts payable invoices and $2,371.87 for extra payroll, as presented, for the month of July.

Visitors Karen Anderson, Derrick Gross, Bryan Brown, Carolyn Drude, Joel Maggert and Irene Maggert were recognized before the board moved on to the consent agenda.

The motion was made to remove item 8 from the consent agenda and to approve the remaining consent agenda items which included

• Accepting the donation(s) of $2000.00 from Northland Foundation for the Northome summer school program

• Approving the recall of seasonal employees

• Accepting the resignation of Special Education Teacher Marnie Kostiuk at Indus

• Approving the Purchase of Services Agreement with Koochiching County Community Services

• Accepting the Fuel Up to Play 60 grant

• Approving the renewal of the catering contract with Kootasca

• Accepting the maternity leave Request from Kristy Pink, Northome's Learning Readiness aid, and

• Approving the hiring of Jenny Taylor as high school Special Ed teacher at Indus contingent on her being able to obtain the appropriate license.

Following that, the board agreed to bring consent agenda item number 8 to the table to approve.

Item 8 was to approve the hiring of Lisa Simon as Indus Art Teacher, contingent on her being able to obtain a Community Expert License.

The board directed district administration to adjust the 2011 Indus School class schedule to better meet student needs. If necessary administration was given authority to add one class hour to the art assignment, which would make the position a 5/7th position.

Next up for discussion was the building of the new athletic fields at Indus. The only cost to the district at this time will be approximately $80 for the rental of a sod stripper and $60.00 for fuel. The practice field will initially be without a backstop. This was unanimously approved.

The board voted to adopt policy number 536 with corrections as noted by board member Gary Dougherty.

The agenda item to consider the options regarding the 2010/2011 overpayment to licensed staff payroll was tabled. This overpayment was approximately $22,000 including fringe benefits.

The agenda item to consider the request that a cross country cooperative be formed between Indus and Northome died for a lack of a motion after discussion concerning the possible adverse affect financially on the district.

The board then voted to approve the hiring of Calli Erickson as volleyball coach at Indus. Motion carried unanimously.

They also directed Supt. Jerry Struss to write the Department of Education to reconsider the district's alternative delivery of Specialized Instructional Services application.

A motion for an upgrade of the existing copier to a multi-functional printer/copier at Northome died for lack of a motion.

The board voted unanimously to approve the district's participation in the Title IV-E Foster Care Candidacy Administrative agreement and approved the resolution regarding the 1981 capital loan as presented by Supt. Struss. A decision was made to pay off the district's 1981 capital loan in the amount of $61,335.

A request was made by Dougherty to issue him a key fob for the Indus School and that request was granted.

The board then heard a request made by Joel Maggert, Northome School bus contractor, to increase his mileage reimbursement rate for the 2011/2012 and 2012/2013 school years to $1.50 per mile. His requested was also granted.

The board voted unanimously to establish goals for Indus and Northome Schools during the 2011/2012 school year.

These goals were established in the following priority:

1. Improving Communication / Relationships

2. Technology, and

3. Long Term Planning

Supt. Struss was directed to check into the possibility of having a technology study done at the Indus School. If this can be accomplished, the possibility of having a study done at the Northome School will be checked into also.

The dates for the Indus summer school program to the weeks of Aug. 15 and Aug. 22 were approved.

It was noted that negotiations with the teachers will take place Aug. 23. Mediations with the classified employees will occur between Sept. 8-15.

The preliminary audit results were discussed and it was noted that overall, this past year was a pretty decent year for the district. The final results will be brought back to the board for approval once the audit results are finalized.

The board voted unanimously to pass a resolution providing for the sale of general obligation school building refunding bonds. Carolyn Drude of Ehlers gave a presentation and presented a resolution to refund the bonds.

Dougherty asked about participating in the Type III vehicle training, since he would like to volunteer as a driver. He was given the date and time of the training at the Indus School

The board then discussed factors which could be adversely affecting internet speed on school computers.

Board member Ralph Lewis asked about the possibilities of the music teachers hours being modified. Supt. Struss will talk to Mr. Strandberg do discuss this possibility.

Indus Principal Bryan Brown advised the board that there currently are approximately 23 new students asking to attend Indus.

In his report to the board, Supt. Struss explained the 60/40 financial split in school funding in the recent state agreement.

"This year we will receive 60 percent of this year's funding and 30 percent of last year's funding," he said.

Struss also explained that this year there will be a $50 formula allowance increase. Also new is a requirement that by the end of Grade 3, schools must show that students are reading at a Grade 3 level.

During the school year 2014 /2015, a teacher evaluation process will come into effect. 35 percent of the evaluation needs to be tied to student testing. During the school year 2013/2014, a new principal evaluation piece comes into effect.

Struss advised the board that the Minnesota Reading Corp part-time position has been cut in Northome because of the lack of funding.

He also advised the board that although the Indus Home Interventionist position that has partially been funded by the District's Alternative Delivery of Specialized Instructional Services Grant which was not approved, he feels it is very important to continue the position.

Karen Anderson expressed her concerns to the board by asking which after school clubs have been cut at the Indus School. She was advised that all clubs except Student Council and National Honor Society have been cut.

The next regular monthly board meeting will be held Sept. 14 at 7 p.m. in the ITV studios of each school.