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Slindees hosts exchange student

At the June 13 board meeting, the Blackduck Public School Board accepted Frieda Fiedler as an exchange student/junior ambassador for four weeks in September. The exchange will begin Sept. 6 and end Sept. 30.

Fiedler will assist Kari Slindee, Blackduck's German/English teacher for most of the contact day. She will shadow Kristie Slindee for a couple of hours each day.

The purpose of this exchange is to allow Fiedler to improve her English speaking skills and experience first hand the American culture. She will assist Mrs. Slindee in her German I and II classes. She is also willing to speak to other high school classes and visit elementary classrooms presenting information about the German culture.

Fiedler will reside with the Slindee family in Blackduck.