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Weather: Musical tribute to unofficial start of fall

One day you turn around and it's summer, next day you turn around and it's fall. Welcome to Labor Day weekend - the beginning of meteorological autumn. I'm spending the weekend with my headphones on and my iPod set to shuffle and soaking up the fairest of the seasons in northern Minnesota.

Don't let autumn pass you by. While the recent swings in the weather have slowed me down (my poor rheumatic back) - I'm still compiling my autumn almanac. Best to lie in a hammock in the back yard and watch the summer sun fading as the year grows old and darker days draw near.

You could also take a walk when autumn comes to town. Call a September girl, I don't know why. Even if you have nothing to say she'll look great in her autumn sweater. Or stay inside when the last day of summer never felt so cold and all the leaves on the trees are falling to the sound of the breezes that blow. Watch as the falling leaves drift by the window - the autumn leaves of red and gold. The golden leaves blowing free in the breeze along a clear blue water's shore.

September will give way to blue October skies and the trees will be stripped bare of all they wear. Your September girl may return for Indian Summer. Take photographs of her on Bemidji Avenue before you go your separate ways.

One more month stands in the way of winter. More than once November has spawned a monster and left me walkin' in the cold rain. November once tied me to an old dead tree. Fortunately I got word to April to rescue me.

The glory of autumn is never lost on those of us fortunate enough to live in the north woods. Just remember - even when you're warm the temperature could drop away like four seasons in a day.

Tom Siemers is the Pioneer's circulation manager. Email him at