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Pathways Through Our Past

The Leonards wed 50 years

Hornet Residents Celebrate Event at Their Home Sunday. This event took place in 1945 -- 66 years ago! Mr. and Mrs. George M. Leonard of Hornet Township celebrated this landmark wedding anniversary at an open house with 60 guests present.

The hostesses for the event included the wives of Reuben Leonard, Chester Leonard, Elmer Schwartz, George Angell and Jim Angell. These ladies were assisted by Mrs. Roy Segersten and Mrs. Lawrence Mueller. (Notice the women of those days had no first names)!

I can't remember " Rube's " wife, but Chet's wife was Elsie (my father's and my 4th grade teacher), Elmer 's wife was Nellie, George and Estie, otherwise known as Grandma Angell to kids all over town and Ethel, Jim's wife. Mary and Helen were the other half of the Segersten and Mueller families.

The Helping Hand Club of Hornet Township presented them with a gift of a beautiful, large wedding cake. A delicious luncheon was served after a very enjoyable social time which included the receipt of many messages of congratulations, beautiful cards and a presentation to them of a gift of silver from the assembled guests. Miss Burnell Schwartz, their granddaughter, presented the happy couple with beautiful yellow roses.

Mr. and Mrs. Leonard were united in marriage April 10, 1895 at Indianapolis, IN and moved to Rock Lake, ND in 1897. They came to Blackduck and settled on their farm in 1918. To them were born nine children. They were Mrs. Gust (Dollie) Schwandt, Mrs. Elva Eller, Claude Leonard, Elmer (Nellie) Schwartz, Mrs.George ( Estie) Angell, Reuben Leonard, Mrs. J.L. (Ethel) Angell, Chester Leonard and Lawrence Leonard.

Mrs. Leonard was 73 years old and her husband celebrated his 75th birthday the same day as their golden wedding anniversary. Both enjoyed splendid health at the time.

Other Hornet news reported by Mrs. Arnold Krueger in the spring of 1945 included:

Arnold Kroger had been sawing lumber for Albert Kroger that particular week. Betty Solberg came from Minneapolis to spend Easter with her parents, the Albin Solberg's.

Mrs. Walter Bergren went to Cokato to visit her father and other relatives during Easter vacation. Mrs. Albin Solberg, Betty, Mariana, Beverley and Loren were visitors at the Arnold Kroeger home on Good Friday. Betty and her mother visited at the Herb Lindquist home also. Lyder Pederson helped Albin butcher on Tuesday!

News of Our Men and Women In Uniform was reported weekly in 1945.

Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Sinclair of Summit Township received a letter from their son, Clarence, Jr., "somewhere in the South Pacific" stating that he had a very enjoyable talk with Bill Maish while on the beach a short time ago. He also said that there were four boys from the Blackduck vicinity whose ships had traveled with them since he arrived in the South Pacific , but he hadn't talked with them yet.

Donald Cann, son of Mr. and Mrs. Harry E. Cann who is attending Naval Air Gunners School in Miami, spent Easter with Fritz Jerome at his mother's home in Lake Worth, FL.

T/4 John Feriancek, 31, of Blackduck, arrived at the Army Air Forces Redistribution Station in Miami for reassignment processing after completing a tour of duty outside the continental United States. Medical exams and classification interviews at this post determined his new assignment. He remained there about two weeks, much of which was for rest and recreation.

John was a radio operator with a Signal Detachment during 33 months in the China-Burma-India Theater. Seven sons of Mike and Anna Feriancek of Hornet were in the service at the same time. John was the husband of the late Dorothy Kile.

Incidentally, Frank (Frankie) Feriancek died May 7, 2011 at the age of 88 in Minneapolis, a 29 year employee of the City of Minneapolis and a 33 year member of VFW and American Legion Post #1. He was preceded in death by parents, Mike and Anna; sister, Ann Musburger, brothers, Mike, John, Don andrew, Matthew, Edward, who all served in World War II at the same time and brother Paul who stayed home to help his father and younger brothers on the farm at Blackduck. He is survived by brothers, Leonard and William and many nephews and nieces.

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