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Guderian appointed to Northome Council position

With one councilor short, the Northome City Council met for its regular meeting July 6, taking care of business before appointing a new city council member.

During the open forum, Carol Avelsgaard addressed the council on behalf of the library about planting plants/shrubs in the small area between the new liquor store patio and the sidewalk on Main Street. She also asked about partial funding by the city council. She was directed to bring more specific details showing the layout of the plants, etc. to the next council meeting.

Avelsgaard, also representing the Library Endowment Fund Committee, mentioned the upcoming maturity of their CDs.

Councilor Jerry Struss addressed Matt Pellinen about a mistake found in the preliminary engineering report during a discussion on the Water/Sewer Improvement Project. Pellinen told the council that he will see that it gets corrected. He stated that he hoped funding would be secured for the project by March 2012. Some funding sources had been on hold because of the state shutdown.

Struss inquired about any available funding for property owners to replace old sewer lines. Pellinen was asked to contact legislators about the possibility of setting up a meeting to discuss the utility improvement project.

The council approved Resolution #2011-08 in support for state bonding request for the 2011 utility improvement project.

Resolution #2011-08 states:

Whereas, the MN State Legislature is accepting allocations for Capital Bonding Bill requests for the 2012 Legislative Session; and

Whereas, the City of Northome has deemed the 2011 Utility Improvement Project a high priority project; and

Whereas, the City of Northome is in need of Capital Bond funding to provide gap financing to supplement local and other funding for the 2011 Utility Improvement Project;

Now, therefore be it resolved that the Northome City Council does hereby authorize the request for state bonding proceeds to assist in financing the 2011 Utility Improvement Project.

Leroy Thurlby reported on a recent meeting at the airport with representatives of the Mn/DOT Office of Aeronautics. Discussed with them were issues found during an inspection, improvements that should be made and funding sources.

The inspection of the newly-constructed patio was discussed and councilors prepared a short list of details to be taken care of before final payment to the contractor. They reviewed the names submitted for the patio naming contest and decided on "Main Street Lookout" which was submitted by Jackie Lindley.

The council was made aware that the summer youth employment program workers will not be available during the state shutdown.

A library insurance claim on the interior water damage was discussed but no action was taken as was the damage claim at the cemetery.

The Kroulik revolving loan application was discussed before the council voted to approve the loan in the amount as needed up to $6,000 to be repaid at a rate of 1.5 percent interest plus $1,000 annually in monthly payments. The loan is to be disbursed upon receipt of invoices for work completed for intended purpose of loan.

Members of the council then turned their attention to filling the council vacancy left open by the resignation of Tim Avenson.

Avenson was appointed to fill the seat left open by Larry Salmonson when he gave up his seat on the council in February to fill the mayor's seat, left void last year when Jim Schneider chose not to run for office again.

Avenson took his oath of office at the February council meeting but then ended up resigning due to his family moving out of the area. Resolution 2011-09 declaring a city council appointment was then discussed before it was approved unanimously. This resolution stated:



Whereas, a vacancy has been declared on the Northome City Council; and

Whereas, MN Stat. 412.02 subd.2a states if the vacancy occurs when less than two years remain in the unexpired term, there need not be a special election to fill the vacancy and the appointed person shall serve until the qualification of a successor; and

Whereas, the city council desires to fill the vacated office by council appointment;

Now therefore, be it resolved by the Northome City Council that the council appoints Mickey Guderian to serve as Councilor until December 31, 2012, at which point the successor of the regular election shall begin their term in office.

Following the reading and adoption of this resolution, Guderian was appointed.

The council voted to approve the June financial reports as well as the monthly vlaims and rxpenditures.

The June claims already paid totaled $148,689.74 and current claims totaling $18,155.78 were discussed before they were unanimously approved..

Councilor Struss reported on the Koochiching County Board of Equalization meeting that he recently attended and also presented information he had obtained on signage for the laundromat and liquor store before the meeting was adjourned.