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Big Bog Festival softball tourrney winners announced

First Place winners of the Billie Hillman Memorial Softball Tournament held during the Kelliher-Waskish Big Bog Festival was the team from the Legion of Keewatin. They are, back row, left to right: Jeff Clasiau, Matt Borgman, Eric Curto, Justin Felty, Brian Clasiau, Bob Denucci and Pat Noonan. Front row: Jay Woodman, Justin Peratalo, Rick Parrish, Vern Fillman, Jamey Fillman and Zach Diiorio.1 / 4
Second Place went to the team from Stoney Creek Sand & Gravel of Kelliher. They are, back row, left to right: Brock Reynolds, Chris Norling Dylan Villaran, Greg Dobmeier, Joey Cutkay and Matt C. Front row: Jason Gakin, Damian Poxleitner, Johnny Z., Jeremy Kubish and Andy Cutkay.2 / 4
Third Place went to Nistler Riverview Farms of Shooks. They are, back row from left to right: Andy Rook, Jon Roscoe, Kevin Rook, Lance Nistler, Adam Nistler and Brad Arel. Front row: Roger Nistler, John Nistler, Ed Nistler, Steve Geerdes, Mark Geerdes and Al Nistler.3 / 4
Consolation Champs was the team from Beck Lumber Co. of Kelliher. They are, back row, from left to right: Trent Pink, Garrick Martin, Nick Tichy, Chase Pink, Eric Thayer and Tom Pink. Front row: Brad Thayer, Matt Swedberg, Gregg Thayer, Rick Thayer and Ryan Thayer.4 / 4