Weather Forecast


Weather: Normal? Average? More like perfect.

Meteorologists don't like the word "normal." Normal suggests that weather conditions on any given day should always be the same. Hence they favor the term "average."

This past week in the northwoods was as close to average as you can get. Seems unfair to call this week average, though. I'd rather call it perfect. High temperatures reached into the mid 70s with lows in the 50s. Rogue showers popped up on several days, mainly bypassing the city of Bemidji to the north or south. Wednesday was the exception when nearly a quarter inch of rain was recorded at the Bemidji Regional Airport.

The Climate Prediction Center has issued its 90 day outlook. It is forecasting ... wait for it ... average temperatures and precipitation through October. Average highs and lows fall about 10 degrees each month for the next 90 days, with the first average low of 32 coming on Oct. 23. Typically we can expect our first measurable snowfall by mid-October.

Elsewhere, average does not apply to the current weather conditions. In Dallas, Thursday's high temperature of 97 ended a streak of 40 consecutive 100-degree days - just two days shy of its record. Thunderstorm-cooled winds kept temperatures in Oklahoma City under 100 for the first time since June 27.

Don't like the heat? Then northern Minnesota is the place to be right now. Embarrass reached 36 earlier this week and International Falls set a record with a low temperature of 39 Wednesday morning. The low temperature this week at the Bemidji Regional Airport was 46 on Wednesday.

Still too warm for you? You could always try Truckee, Calif., or Wisdom, Mont., where the combination of high altitude, low humidity and favorable geography lead to summer low temperatures that routinely reach the freezing mark.

Tom Siemers is the Pioneer's circulation manager. Email him at