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Blackduck Development Corporation holds regular monthly meeting

Members of the Blackduck Development Corporation, Karin Elhard, Grant Frenzel, Gary Anderson, Jim Wolden, Megan Gustafson, Dwight Kalvig, Bruce Meade, Charlie Anderson, Brian Larson and Rachel Larson, met May 18 for the regular monthly meeting.

The first item up for discussion, the reading of April 15 minutes, was tabled.

Treasurer Wolden provided an overview of his treasurer's report which was then approved.

Wolden provided an update of the two debentures that are in question.

The one debenture is for $100 to Bill Johnson for a nursing home project and the other was for $500 to Cann, Schmidt and Wedell, also for the nursing home project.

He said he is still unable to locate proof of payment of those debentures. Following discussion, the group voted to authorize him to make payment of the two debentures if he determines, after researching, no payment has been made.

Old business discussed was the group's marketing plan for the community.

They voted to authorize the signature of President Elhard to fully execute the "Agency of Record" agreement, to approve the final revisions to the marketing plan logo and to approve the registration of such.

It was also approved that users of the registered logo be required to obtain approval from the Blackduck Development Corporation, at no charge.

A big discussion was held regarding the website "site map." It was determined the most efficient way to collect all of the ideas would be for each member to offer their suggestions via e-mail by May 26 to

The group reviewed the Net Promoter Score mailer and no changes were recommended. It was the consensus of the group to move forward on the mailing as presented by Anchor Marketing.

Anchor Marketing's invoice was up next for discussion and it was decided that, upon proper explanation of this invoice and how it relates to the project budget, authorization to make the payment would be granted.

Kalvig shared with the group his concerns regarding the lack of donations to Dollars for Scholars. The group indicated that over the years, the Blackduck Development Corporation has not donated to the program.

Before everyone adjourned, Meade mentioned that the Blackduck Chamber of Commerce was still searching for additional funds for the Tourist Information Center summer staff. It appears that there is a shortfall of approximately $1,800 and if anyone had any leads on potential funding sources, it would be appreciated.