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Hockey Day is coming to Bemidji; 13th annual event set for winter 2019

Weather: After wet week, it's time for some sun

You are forgiven if you are confused as to whether it is early summer or early spring.

Rain gauges in the Bemidji area accumulated an average of 1.5 inches of precipitation during this week's rain event. Combined with temperatures in the upper 50's and blustery winds it felt more like mid April than late June. Locations in southern Minnesota reported up to 3 inches of rain with milder temperatures. Fortunately the forecast for the Bemidji area calls for warmer and sunnier weather today, although a chance of showers and thunderstorms exists for Sunday.

The outlook is much bleaker for our neighbors to the west. In North Dakota, Minot is experiencing the worst flooding ever recorded in the flood-prone city. Water levels in the Souris (or Mouse as it is also called) River are expected to crest eleven feet higher than recorded during the infamous flood of April, 1969 and 7 feet higher than the previous record high crest, recorded in 1881. 12,000 Minot residents have evacuated their homes. The area received over 8 inches of rain during May and June. Higher amounts were recorded upstream in southern Saskatchewan where reservoirs are brimful.

The recent wet, cool weather has done more than stunt your eagerness to enjoy the outdoors - it has stunted the growth of area crops. The adage "knee-high by the fourth of July" in reference to the growth of corn is only true this year if you are three feet tall or have very short shins. Wheat and oats are currently averaging 75 percent of their average growth. Barley and alfalfa are faring better with both crops averaging close to 100 percent.

The three month outlook issued by the Climate Prediction Center calls for temperatures averaging around normal to slightly below normal and precipitation averaging somewhat above normal.

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