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Website christens Bemidji 'Town of Titles'

Anyone who calls Bemidji home will boast of its fame. We have Lake Bemidji with a river running through it. We have Olympic curling medalists. And we have the ever-iconic Paul Bunyan, always accompanied by Babe the Blue Ox.

Our Tourist Information Center really gets buzzing during the summer months, and we have even been featured in "Only in America with Larry the Cable Guy."

So how does the rest of America view our fair city? lists Bemidji as one of its "Top 10 American Towns with Strange Claims to Fame."

According to the National League of Cities, there are more than 18,000 cities, towns and villages in America, most of them declaring their own unusual claims to fame. Bemidji stands out with its numerous and strange features, according to The website recognizes the 18-foot statue of Paul Bunyan, hovering next to the five-ton likeness of Babe. In addition Paul and Babe, Bemidji's claims of being the "Curling Capital of the World" and "The First City on the Mississippi" ultimately make it "Bemidji: Town of Titles," says.

Bemidji isn't the only city to gain the nation's attention. Here are nine other cities that made into the website's "Top 10 American Towns with Strange Claims to Fame:"

Metropolis, Ill. - Home of Superman: The proclaimed hometown of Superman produces more than 30,000 superman buffs during the towns annual Superman Celebration.

Haleyville, Ala. - Where 9-1-1 Began: This town of 4,100 was the first to convert the telephone exchange to accept 9-1-1 calls.

Santa Claus, Ind. - Home of Santa Claus: The once unnamed town became home to the world's first theme park, Santa Claus Land.

Pecos, Texas - Home of the World's First Rodeo: The holder of such a contentious title, this town hosts the West of the Pecos Rodeo, gathering almost 8,000 people each June.

Baraboo, Wis. - Birthplace of the Circus: This undisputed birthplace of the circus honors the Ringling siblings, who began the first circus there in 1884.

Clarksdale, Miss. - Birthplace of the Blues: The legend of Robert Johnson's musical talent begins at the crossroads of highways 61 and 49 in this city of 17,000.

Riverside, Iowa - Future Birthplace of James T. Kirk: Paying homage to the sci-fi hit Star Trek, Riverside claims to be home of captain Kirk's future birthplace gaining large crowds at their annual TrekFest.

Pikeville, Ky. - The City That Moves Mountains: Coined by the New York Times as the "8th Wonder of the World", Pikeville moved a mountain, rerouted a river, highway and railroad to alleviate flood risk.

Gibsonton, Fla. - Showtown USA: Known for its carnival and sideshow workers in the 1940s, this town was home to dwarves and giants that served as city officers.