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Hubbard tornado reaches EF1 force

On Tuesday, May 31, a National Weather Service damage survey team visited the Park Rapids area to survey the damage from the May 30 severe thunderstorm outbreak.

Based on evidence gathered in the Park Rapids area it is apparent that a microburst accompanied by an EF1 tornado was the cause of the damage.

The first sign of touchdown was approximately five miles southwest of Park Rapids where a prefabricated home was destroyed. Based on the distribution of debris and magnitude of destruction, the tornado is rated an EF1 with maximum winds of 105 mph. The initial touchdown was around 10:30 p.m. The tornado continued to the northeast, touching down periodically as it moved into the west side of Park Rapids. Several agricultural irrigators were overturned along the path of the tornado. Damage to a residence near the path of the tornado about 3.5 miles southwest of Park Rapids suffered EF0 damage with wind speeds of 80 mph.

Based on eye-witness accounts the tornado moved through the western portion of Park Rapids at 10:38 p.m. EF1 damage was noted at the Hubbard County Fairgrounds where the roof from The Grandstand was lofted approximately 150 yards east severely damaging a home and a vehicle parked there.

The tornado weakened as it continued northeast causing damage to docks and a pontoon boat on the east end of Fish Hook Lake. Based on damage, the tornado was rated an EF0 with winds estimated at 85 mph.

The tornado lifted at that point to briefly touch down approximately three miles northeast of Park Rapids between 10:40 p.m. and 10:50 p.m.

Based on the damage, the tornado was an EF0 at that point with winds of approximately 80 mph. A microburst accompanied the tornado causing a significant amount of damage up to one mile to the east of the tornado track. Numerous trees and structures were damaged, particularly in the city of Park Rapids. Based on the damage observed maximum wind speeds were estimated around 95 mph, or EF1 damage.