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Here's to You: There's more to explore in Bemidji

Hey have you heard the news?

Land of 10,000 things to do,

More shoreline than California,

More to explore in Minnesota,

More recreation worth notin'

Snow-boardin' to summertime sportin'

With lots to do and eat

Our cities are tough to beat

So if you dig fine arts

Or campin' in a sweet state park

And if you like to bike

Or wanna see that band you like

More theaters per capita -nothing rhymes with capita

Make sure you keep your glove near,

There is simply more to love here,

We definitely broke our quota

Not a little, but a boatload-a

From Ada to Zumbrota

There's more to explore in Minnesota.-

(From Explore Minnesota)

As summer time approaches, the Explore Minnesota commercial keeps running through my head. Of course the tune is catchy, but it is really the lyrics that resonate with me. Every time I hear the commercial or listen to it play in my head, I think, 'Wow, there really is a lot to explore in Minnesota.'

In the past two years that I have lived in Minnesota, I have seen so many things I never thought I would, from bear cubs crossing the street to the beautiful lakes that fill the state.

I have had the opportunity to explore state parks, the headwaters of the Mississippi and, of course, the Mall of America - all things I would probably never have seen nor explored without the move to Bemidji.

And while the commercial may attract you to visit the Twin Cities or other cities within the state, I believe that the commercial has the power to make you look out your back window and think there is a lot to explore in Minnesota and a lot to explore in Bemidji.

This summer, the Bemidji Parks and Recreation Department wants you to take the time to explore Bemidji, from our beautiful city parks to our trails, from our downtown to Lake Bemidji State Park. We want you to take a moment and try something new - maybe a yoga class, or kettlebells, maybe even a few art classes or paddle boarding. There really is so much to explore in Bemidji. The Parks and Recreation Department is offering some great programs that will get you outside and trying new things, meeting new people and having a great time exploring.


Learn the basics -- turning, balancing techniques, manuals, ollies, riding transition, board maintenance and skateboard vocabulary - in skateboarding classes.

Yoga at the Beach

Learn beginning yoga poses, stretches and breathing techniques from Dionne's Om Yoga Studio.


Themed Crafts, Games and Activities, from around the world, that will make for a perfect morning with your preschooler.


Explore the world of art with Artscape. Each class will provide participants with artist knowledge and allow them to create their own masterpieces.

Kids in Motion

Let's get moving - let's get outside and play. This 45-minute class will have your child moving, running and playing games. Parachutes, Earth balls and much more are included in this play date.

Kettlebell Bootcamp

Learn and execute fundamentals of using kettlebells for fitness.

Green Thumb

Get ready to plant, grown and harvest your own garden. Join us for two hours every Monday this summer as we learn about the garden the vegetables, fruits and flowers that we plant. Take home your harvest and learn some great recipes for the whole family.

Fly Bird

Spend the morning walking the trail in search of Minnesota's native birds. Come back to make a bird feeder that will bring the birds to your back yard.


Samantha Parker is event coordinator for Bemidji Parks and Recreation.