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Here's to You: Using the pond analogy for aging in humans

How does the stress of toxicity and deficiency cause the acceleration of the aging process?

Toxicity and deficiency lead to damaged cells from free radicals and other damaging toxins and to increased rates of cell division over time.

For years we have been told unscientifically that aging leads to disease. This is totally false. Aging leads to getting older, and to very gradually running out of the ability to maintain homeostasis. This process, when not accelerated by toxicity and deficiency, takes about 120 years in humans.

Think about some of the myths regarding aging. One of my favorites is the myth that arthritis is caused by aging. So many of my patients have been told that arthritis is "just part of the aging process." The first thing I do is ask them if they have any joints that are not arthritic or that are less arthritic than others. The answer is always yes. I then ask them if all their joints were born on the same day. The answer is always yes, unless they are too confused to answer. I then ask how it is possible to have different levels of arthritis in different joints if arthritis is caused by aging.

Think of two ponds in your back yard - two ecosystems. The ponds are the exact same age; you dug them on the same day. One pond you feed the innate pond diet: some clean soil runoff, some pure rain water, some organic vegetation etc. The other pond you feed a Western pond diet: pop, potato chips, alcohol, sugar, some oil and gas runoff, etc.

After one year, you might not notice a difference. After two years, they may still look identical. After 10 years, there would be a huge difference. Would you attribute this to age? How could you? They are the same age. Would you attribute it to genetics? How could you? they shared the same species genetic profile (like all humans do).

What would be the only way to get the sick pond well? Drugs and surgical removal of some of the natural vegetation? Of course not. The ONLY way to restore homeostasis to the pond ecosystem as a whole and to each of the individual organisms that make up that healthy ecosystem would be to restore the innate environment.

When this was done, the inherent healing abilities of that ecosystem, the innate intelligence of that ecosystem, would naturally restore homeostasis and health. All that you would need to do - in fact the only scientific and logical thing to do - would be to create purity where toxicity existed and to create sufficiency where deficiency existed.

This is the simple yet amazingly powerful truth. This is the secret to restoring sick cells to health; this is the secret to restoring sick people to health; this is the secret to restoring sick families and communities to health; this is the secret to restoring the sick world to health.

Dr. Mike Headlee is the owner of Explore Chiropractic in Bemidji.