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Northome School Board accepts principal's resignation

The regular meeting of the Northome/Indus School Board was held in the Indus School Library April 13 with all members present.

Also in attendance were Bryan Brown, Kim Brown, Leon Ditsch, Sara Wendt, Lois Lewis, Shannon Avenson, Diane Bennett, Derrick Gross, Karen Anderson, Pernell Sather, Libby Wickum and Kathleen Kess.

The board, following the approval of the agenda, minutes and bills, acknowledged the following accomplishments:

• Indus Students of the Month: high school - Curtis LaVallee and Michaela Jerome.

• Northome Academic and Exemplary Students of the Month: Academic: senior high - Scott Pierson and junior high - Jeanette Frenzel. Exemplary: senior high - Hattie Swang and junior high - Rachel Fahey.

They also approved the early entrance to Kindergarten for Ivy Popowski at the Northome School.

The school board then voted to accept the resignation of Tim Avenson, PSA and C team basketball coach at Northome, effective the end of the current school year and then accepted the resignation of Northome Principal Shannon Avenson effective the end of the current contract year.

Next on the agenda was the approval of the 2011-2013 contract for the administrative secretary/payroll clerk and the 2011-2012 Community Ed director contract at the Northome School. Both motions were approved unanimously.

The first reading of Policies 501,710, 802, 805 and 806 were approved as was the request concerning the Northome and Indus Summer School and Northome School weight room.

Bryan Brown was hired as the Indus School principal and Teresa Rud was then hired as Elementary Special Ed teacher at Indus.

The board voted unanimously to approve the National History Day overnight field trip as presented for Indus students and the overnight request of the Indus softball team, there will be no additional cost to the district.

Also gaining approval was the Indus sixth grader's overnight field trip as presented. The cost to the district would be for transportation only. The remainder of the costs will be covered by fundraising efforts of the sixth grade.

The purchase of a new vehicle was then discussed before it was approved. The price is not to exceed total of $22,000 with title and tax.

The Preventative Maintenance Proposal with Peterson Sheet Metal was also approved.

The board then voted to approve a resolution proposing to place Kathleen Kess on Unrequested Leave of Absence and approve the resolution terminating the contract of probationary teacher Kimberly Brown.

The 2012 after school recreation and Community Education budgets for the Indus School were then discussed before being approved.

Eric Nord was hired for two hours of Industrial Technology teaching at Northome School.

The second reading of Policies 701, 703, 704, 706 and 709 was then approved as was the adoption of Policies 602, 612, 620, 622, 624, 626, 627 and 628.

Last on the agenda was the approval to put the Indus Trailer house up on bids in May. The motion carried unanimously.

The next regular monthly board meeting will be held May 11 at 8 p.m. in the library at the Northome School.